Friday, January 21, 2011

Gimme a Bone

Better yet, give me a thousand bones on a romper. This romper has a front and back and a bunch of elastic: at the ankles, back waist, straps, and front. Interestingly, there are two pieces of 1/4" elastic at the front, each in its own channel.

Despite being cranky and requiring a morning nap (don't we all sometimes?) Molly obliged me and stood at the wall to model her new suit. She's seen her siblings do it many times. This is where having older children really comes in handy - the little ones do whatever the big ones do.

I made this a little big, so it'll be good for spring and summer too. The fabric is an old quilting cotton I must have purchased for no other reason than that it was cute. I wonder what I thought I'd make with it.

Here she is with her ever-present pillow. She couldn't choose a small blanket or stuffed dog to love. No, she must lug the giant pillow around with her.

The romper pattern is from the Japanese pattern magazine Pochee (I think it's pronounced Po-shay). There are 45 full-scale clothing patterns to trace as well as instructions for making some bags, a scarf, and a poncho.
Most of the patterns are women's patterns in standardized Japanese sizes M and L:
M: Height 160 cm; Bust 83 cm; Waist 64 cm; Hip 90 cm
L: Height 160 cm; Bust 88 cm; Waist 70 cm; Hip 96 cm
There are also two collections of children's clothes, one for sizes (in cm tall) 80-90-100; and one for sizes 110-120-130. I couldn't find any other measurements for the kids' patterns other than height.
The magazine is written in Japanese, obviously. But the instructions are illustrated with such intricately detailed drawings which are numbered step-by-step that (assuming basic sewing skills) they beat any other pattern instructions I've seen.


  1. She really is getting so big...I am sure these will do her nicely even on into Summer...they look really comfy. And the fabric looks sweet!
    I have never done any sewing for Japanese books, but I hear great things about them.

  2. Rompers are such practical clothes. These look very sweet and fun with the bone print, and as if there is plenty of room for growth.
    I like the look of the Japanese magazine. I am being very strict about avoiding them though, being fully aware that my figure is highly non-Japanese!

  3. She is so cute in her adorable new romper.

  4. It's a cute romper! Love how she has her pillow...BK has a specific blanket that follows her most everywhere.

  5. Your sweetie's adorable smile says it all! Thanks for sharing!

  6. I am not familiar with that magazine, so thanks for sharing. Cute romper--she looks of my sons was attached to a full size Bambi pillow when he was a tot...It was massive...


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