Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Ruffly Shawl

This one got two thumbs down from my husband, so I thought I'd submit it to the virtual public for opinions. It may be that the bright blue is wrong for me, or that I don't appear in ruffles very often, but I didn't this scarf was TOO far out there!

I used a cotton lycra jersey from my local Mill End Textiles. The long straight edge is stabilized with clear elastic and the ruffle is gathered with clear elastic before being stitched to the curved edge. That amounts to about a mile and a half of clear elastic. I serged a rolled hem on the outside edge of the ruffle.

I found a clear and sunny (albeit boring) space of wall for winter pictures. The downside is that I'll have to move my electric piano whenever I want to use it.

Pattern: Ingrid Flounce Scarf (Ottobre 5-2009-16).
The question is, should I:
a. wear this confidently in public as an accessory
b. wear this as a scarf only under a coat
c. wear this around home in my pajamas
d. add it to my ever-growing pile of fabric to be used for underwear
e. donate it to Goodwill to benefit next year's tax return


  1. I think it's cute, and blue is a good color on you! Definitely wear it out!!

  2. I think it's pretty and I would wear it out of the house, either with a coat or as an accessory!

  3. Wear it out, it's really cute. I'd combine it with white instead of black.


  4. Thoughts:

    1. Mill end textiles is great...I found a gob of KWIk SEW patterns on clearance there once.

    2. Scarf: I know the french love to wear this type with the tie/knot on the shoulder give that way a try also...maybe sweet over a spring dress...just keep it and process it for a may find the perfect fit in your world for it...

  5. a. wear this confidently in public. The style is cute and the colour is really great on you.

  6. I give it 2 thumbs up and think that it would be a perfect accesory to wear out and about. I don't recall seeing much blue in clothes for yourself on the blog but think it's a nice color on you.

  7. I think it is really pretty. However, I know I don't feel good wearing things that my husband hates. I figure it is his job to think I look terrific, and do not want to make it too hard for him ;).

  8. How about you wear it more bunched up and the ends thrown back over both shoulders? less as a shawl and more as a scarf. I think the knot makes it look too shawl like. I just bought the edition of Ottobre that this is from, today.

  9. Could you send me your email address. I have something to give you.

  10. Well I think it looks great! But I also feel funny if my husband says he doesn't like something, and so only wear such items when he is not around.
    Like Christiana above I think it would look better contrasted against white.

  11. I think I is great on you. I always dress up the way I like it, no matter what my husband thinks (though I love him very much, I think he has a boring taste as it comes to clothes). But most important: how do you feel weariing it? Does it add to your confidence? Or does it make you insecure? I personaly think it's adds zest to your wardrobe.


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