Saturday, January 15, 2011

Speaking of Bandwagons....

Here's another popular pattern...the turtleneck from the September issue of Burda Style. I let my subscription expire in August, which was a decision spurred partly by annoyance at Burda's suddenly squishing too many patterns on a page, partly by the discovery that my library has a subscription, and partly by the acknowledgement that I really do have a lot of patterns already. So I had to wait for 11 people before me to get their turtlenecks traced before I got the magazine in hand.

I rejected the turtleneck as a concept when I was still a wee lass because there's nothing pleasant about wearing a tourniquet about the neck. But I gave the turtleneck another chance and this pattern is a winner because the neck is plenty roomy and, in a light jersey, unbulky.

This is the first pattern I've done a square shoulder adjustment on - that added to a forward shoulder/arm joint alteration. The top is too loose and stretchy to make a good critique of the new method, but I don't see any drag lines anyway.
Pattern: Burdastyle 9-2010-121.
Fabric: Cotton jersey with a little stretch from Mill End Textiles.


  1. The best part is that even though all of us have sewn the Jalie jeans and the burda turtleneck, we all still look different. Isn't sewing awesome!

    Your turtleneck looks great! The fit looks excellent.

  2. You do such wonderful sewing. On top of that, you get to shop @ the greatest store! Boy, I wish I lived closer to that place. Then maybe I'd give MY pattern collection a work out. I think i'm up to many. I stipped my subscriptions too. Kind of like a magazine diet.


  3. It looks great on you!
    I love turtle-necks or winter, although they are not a great look for me!

  4. That colour is so good on you. What a great ensemble. You're really rockin' that bandwagon ... me I've got the wrong figure for both the jeans and the polo neck so I'm really enjoying all this vicarious sewing.

  5. I could never wear the jeans, but maybe the turtle neck. We all need basics. How cool that your library has Burda. I wish I could convince my library to subscribe, but then I would not have an excuse for my own subscription! Your turtleneck is an excellent colour for you, and looks really good. As a fan of the square shoulder adjustment, I would like to attribute the lack of drag lines to this alteration, but I could be wrong - this fits you really well.

  6. Hi Joy, I used to feel the same way about turtlenecks in my youth. I love them for cold weather now. This is such a great pattern and I can't believe your library has the Burda Style magazine on file. How cool is that? Also, I hope you saw the link to Harts Fabrics online. That is where I found the awesome knit for my sweater.

  7. Nice! I might have to get that one out of the library. I don't find I sew enough from them to justify a sub (and I have too many patterns too LOL)

  8. The turtleneck looks great. But the amazing fact is hearing that you can get Burda at your LIBRARY. I'm astounded. How cool. That's one nice library.


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