Sunday, January 9, 2011

Woodsman Plaid

I found this plaid flannel at my local shop a week or so before Christmas and had the great idea to make my husband a shirt. I didn't remember, of course, that he had the week before Christmas off work. It was a little entertaining trying to pretend I was sewing boys' pajamas the whole week.

This is your basic men's shirt with yoke, collar stand, collar, and sleeve plackets. I used the size I had sewn for him from BurdaStyle before and, what do you know? It fits straight out of the box. Bah.
I think I might make the pocket just a little wider. And the under part of the sleeve placket is a narrow strip sewn to the edge. In the future, I may copy the standard placket template out of David Coffin's shirtmaking book. Other than that, I don't feel the need to search around for another shirt pattern. Excellent.
I'm pleased because it fits and I made some successful plackets. He's pleased because he discovered a hole in his favorite red plaid flannel shirt.
Pattern: BurdaStyle magazine 4-2010-128.
Fabric: Plaid 60" wide flannel, 2 yards at $1.99 a yard = a $4 shirt.
Buttons from Cleaner's Supply.


  1. I have men's shirt sewing on the brain right now, so this is awesome to see! I wonder if I could find a nice plain flannel my sweetie might wear... he's not a plaids kind of guy, so I've kinda dismissed the flannel, but now I'm wondering...

  2. Funny thing...a lot of people seem to be sewing Men's shirts right now....I know Colette Patterns have a new mens shirt pattern out which I am longing to try....I love are only making me want to make one even more! Great shirt, I am glad your husband has a new favourite!

  3. It's a great shirt! I really like the colors in the plaid and it looks like it's a good fit too.

  4. Great shirts, I am laughing at picturing the sneaky-ness of sewing the shirt. I have some tee-shirts I want to surprise DH with but I am waiting til he is back at work to tackle them.

  5. Looks fantastic and what a bargain!

  6. What a cool shirt. I hate how things fit my husband without alteration. Disgusting.

    Re: Alter-feminism... It's sort of exploring the ways that modern feminism lets down society without calling for a complete return to stone age gender politics. I might do another post on it sometime, though I tend to piss off a lot of feminist feminists because they don't pay attention to what it is I'm saying. ;)


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