Tuesday, February 15, 2011

All Wrapped Up

Sewing with spring colors is mood lifting, but doesn't actually melt snow. You can't see my boots or the snow drift I'm standing in. Snow aside, I'm loving this wrap blouse. I had trouble deciding which stash fabric to use, but the amount of yardage required (2 1/3 yards) helped make the decision - I don't usually buy more than 2 yards of blouse fabrics. However, I got this coral linen during a nice sale at Mill End and came away with 4 yards.

It's a unique design, but simple to sew. There are no closures, just a mile of narrow hemming to do. Super long ties are attached to both sides of the bodice. The left tie goes through a slit in the right side and wraps around the back. The right tie wraps goes to the left and wraps around the back. The top has your usual assortment of darts and a collar stand and collar and back yoke. The sleeves are meant to be VERY long and skinny and worn pushed up. I ended up cutting 9 inches (!) off the length to make them wearable.

I think I could've gone down a size to tighten up the wrap front and the back. I'm between sizes on their chart and have to make the call based on how fitted I think the garment will be. Although this time I chose the bigger size so I didn't have to downgrade.
The newest adjustment I added to my sewing arsenal - the "square shoulder" - has been doing wonders. Burda sizing is consistent enough that I feel I can sew their tops with confidence now.
Pattern: Burda Magazine (3-2010-122).
Linen: Mill End Textiles.


  1. That color is so pretty! I wish spring were here too. I just looked in my closet and it is all grey, navy, and brown--yuck.

  2. This is a lovely colour on you, at least you'll be prepared when spring does suddenly arrive!

  3. I have to say, this is your color! I really like it on you. Wow, nine inches off the sleeves is incredible. The way you have worked it out is much better I think. And linen...I love linen. This will be so nice when the weather warms up!

  4. I love your top, the colour is lovely!

  5. That looks so pretty on you, great colour and the wraps make the back nicely interesting. The shoulder and neck fit looks just right from here. I still have 3 or 4 blouses in my wardrobe that pre-date my addition of a square shoulder adjustment to my repetoire. They are staying in pristine condition because I only wear them when everything else is in the laundry!

  6. Coral looks great on you. It's so good on you. The top really is a great contrast to the snow.

  7. This blouse looks great on you --- the color is really stunning!

  8. Great color, and the design seems really versatile. I have my eye on a wrap blouse as well, and this makes me inspired to look for some good fabric.

  9. I wear a ton of wrap/kimono style I love this pattern and will add it to my list. Well done!


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