Friday, February 25, 2011

Double Feature

Two birthday shirts for another birthday girl. Everybody keeps getting older at our house, and we're not done yet. I really like the striped version. When Sara opened her gift, she hugged it and said, "I KNEW you would make me something! I KNEW it!" Now can I ever get away without homemade gifts?

The pastel version of course matches sister's shirt, which I've been seeing a lot of lately, so I'm not so enthused about this fabric combination any more.

When big brother, whose birthday is coming up, saw Sara open her matching age shirt, he nervously requested that his shirt (he assumes he getting one ?!?) NOT match his sisters'. I think I'll oblige him.


  1. Nope, you're in trouble now because it's EXPECTED that you make something. Just think of the trouble you'll be in if you don't! That's neat how you changed the directions of the stripes on the sleeves. Sounds like your house is like mine, with the kids' birthdays pretty close together. We start celebrating the end of March and finish up mid-May. Even though I love cake, I'm a little over it by the time we celebrate that last birthday!

  2. I'm a little sad that mine keep getting older. It's scary, they keep growing up before I am ready for it!
    These shirts are so cute, and I love the numbers on the front! The striped top is great! I love how the stripes go in a different direction around the neckline and sleeve cuffs; fabulous!
    In reply to your comment:
    to whinge (rhyming with hinge as in door-hinge) is an Australian colloquialism,meaning to whine or grumble peevishly. Commonly applied here to people who constantly complain about the Australian weather, insects, or for that matter anything else Australian!
    As in "Jeez, what a whinger..."

  3. They are very cute shirts. I like the contrast sleeve detail on the number shirts. Isn't it great when your children love what you make?

  4. Adorable tops and your girls are very pretty. I have just found your blog - I didn't realise you had one as I see you on Flikr (Otto) all the time.

    I will be back later for a good search through - your work is beautiful! Do you have two boys and two girls? How do you have so much time to sew for them?

    Enviously...Cherri in AUS

  5. love, love, love the black and white top. I will have to check out your review on PR. to see details and where you found the fabric.


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