Monday, February 14, 2011

First Flop of the Year

Flops have to happen once in a while. It's part of the process, right? The flop here was fabric choice, even though I knew better. This super stiff, thick corduroy is perhaps my oldest stash fabric and I have lots of it leftover from oh, about 8 years ago, when hubby and I recovered our couch. Yes, we did it in $2 a yard navy corduroy from Wal-Mart. It was the best (albeit time-consuming and brain-wracking) budget-friendly couch replacement option. We chose the corduroy because it was cheap and we thought a corduroy couch would be cool. It was! Except it was a terrible lint collector. We donated it to our lucky neighbors when we moved...

So it was great for a couch, but how is it for a skirt? Not so great. Couch fabric doesn't need drape, but skirts do well with it. I was intrigued by this clever skirt design in my Japanese magaine Pochee, vol. 10. It's elastic waisted with a yoke, and the lower back panel has a cute row of buttons.

The clever part is that, if the buttons are left undone, the skirt is supposed to naturally hang open to reveal the partial underskirt. No natural hanging is happening in this one, though.

I may try this again in other fabrics. It's a fun skirt idea. But this skirt is relegated to the costume bin, since it's hard not to laugh at its stick-outishness and Grace doesn't appreciate it when people laugh as she's walking past.

Pattern: Pochee, vol. 10 #18.
Corduroy: Wal-mart
Calico: Aunt Gracie's Around the World print


  1. Did you check with the wearer? She looks like she's having fun.

  2. Aahhh, Japanese pattern books! I've just ordered (gulp) two from JapanLovelyCrafts - I've been dribbling over them for long enough to justify the expense, I think! I'd love to see that skirt in another drapier fabric - it does look very very cute.

  3. Hola Joy la niña está preciosa...¿no haces ropa para tí este año?

  4. that pattern is adorable (and I totally sympathize with the temptation to use leftover upholstery fabric for clothing the kids... hence my endless supply of yucky denim garments in the past year... it's just sooooo tempting, isn't it?)

    I hope you make this again in something else, I'd love to see the "hanging open" part, it's really a cute idea.

  5. I think it still looks pretty cute, though I relate to the disappointment of it not turning out as hoped. I don't think it's laughable though!


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