Sunday, February 13, 2011

Green Dragon

Our household style guru has been dreaming of a dragon sweatshirt - specifically a hooded, pullover sweatshirt with a green dragon. He could hardly wait for the paint to dry to wear this. But besides the dragon, he discovered another great and unexpected feature: the sides of the pockets are high enough to keep Playmobil guys from falling out. Bonus!!!

This is a pretty basic sweatshirt but the striped inner hood fabric is fun. And the hood front is very slightly gathered with elastic.
Pattern: "Pocket" hooded sweatshirt (Ottobre 1-2008-28)
Black sweatshirt fabric:
Striped jersey: Hobby Lobby

And unrelated to sewing is this interesting symmetrical sock hole pattern. It seems I buy my boys socks nearly every week. It certainly discourages me from thinking I should ever try knitting socks for my family.


  1. What a great sweatshirt! My son has just out-grown a similar one I made him. I can see why they love this type of sweatshirt with the pocket across the front, especially if it holds in Playmobil!
    I love the husband wears the heels out of his...they are known as his sling-back socks!

  2. Ha,ha...what a typical boy problem! The other day I got after Patrick because it seems like he is always wearing holes in the heels of his sock. For the life of me, I can't figure out what he does to 'em.

    Love the sweatshirt. The dragon is the piece de resistance.

  3. Love the dragon sweatshirt and the lining is so cool. I have to laugh at the sock picture. My boys rarely wear socks. They hardly know how to put them on by themselves, since they wear slippers (flip-flops)! But it makes sense, in a cold environment, that your boys would wear them out. I know how rowdy boys are! Scooting along carpet must be really hard on them.

  4. The dragon sweatshirt is awesome! :)

  5. Love the sweatshirt! My son was the same with his socks...must be all the rushing about boys do :)

  6. Wow, those are some impressive sock holes. Not only do I seem to buy socks weekly, but my boys have an accusing way of saying, "I never have ANY socks." I have knit them socks though and they mysteriously seem to last pretty long.


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