Thursday, February 10, 2011

I Spotted a Pinafore

Can you tell I just wet and smoothed Grace's hair? A minute ago it was standing up on all ends due to static electricity. The moisture is just zapped out of the air when it's -10 F (-33 C) outside. I know the rest of the US is getting some cold temperatures, but we've actually had a pretty mild winter overall (tons of snow, but no long stretches of bitter cold). Good news - the warm front coming in should heat us up close to freezing tomorrow!

The spotted pinafore was another birthday present for Grace. She wore the previous version until it was hopelessly too small and I had to hide it away. Last time, I used a contrasting thread for all the topstitching; I wish I had done that this time to match the green polka dots.
The details: a bunch of interesting pleats on the skirt; a plain bodice with invisible back zip and buttoned tab shoulders; a full lining.
Pattern: BWOF 11-2008-39 [Yes, this is before the identity crisis that resulted in "BurdaStyle".]
Brown baby wale corduroy with green polka dots: Hobby Lobby
Green broadcloth: Mill End Textiles
Zip: Cleaner's Supply
Buttons from stash


  1. Adorable! I love pinafores on little girls. Happy belated Birthday to Grace!

  2. How cute. I just love the clothes you've been making. Adorable.

  3. She looks darling...I would want to wear this everyday too!

  4. Love that first photo - she looks so adorable :) She looks pretty pleased with the pinafore.

  5. That is such a sweet sweet dress, oh I miss sewing for my little girl (who is not very little now) You are amazingly good, how you sew all the clothes for your children!
    Thank you for the interesting comment! I didn't associate Scandinavian with "conservative" before. Interestingly I have a close friend of Swedish descent who is very very stylish and a bit alternative, one of my most glamorous friends. She would not agree with the the Economist! And one of my favourite inspirations you might find interesting is Outsapop, a Finnish girl's blog, who is decidedly not conservative either!

  6. Super cute. Grace has such cute expressions.


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