Monday, February 7, 2011

Keepin' 'em in Britches

Sewing boys' pants is perhaps not the most exciting sewing I do. On a practical level, though, it makes sense:
1. It's definitely cheaper - I have a good source for inexpensive fabrics (mill ends, not designer stuff) and I don't need to buy any new patterns.
2. It's possibly more time-consuming to alter (skinnify) pants than to make a brand new pair.
3. I don't have to go shopping with 5 kids in tow, except of course to buy fabric.

On the other hand:
1. As I said, boys' pants aren't too exciting after the hundredth pair.
2. I'm getting bored of the 10 yards of khaki twill which has produced these and several other pairs. But I'm not complaining too much, since it was $1.60 a yard. Stay tuned for more khaki!

On the other hand again:
1. Interesting details make boys' trousers more fun. In this case, there are knee panels with darts, a back yoke, and unique mismatched pockets. Per request, I fauxed the fly and made the waistband look like it really buttons (that was tricky and poorly executed because it was done as an afterthought).
2. The pants were received with exuberance, and that, I suppose, makes the effort worthwhile.
This oldest of mine has a couple of chronic illnesses. I've heard that sometimes people who have chronic illness and experience a lot of tests and treatments feel so out of control of their own selves, that they try to find some area in which they feel a measure of control. For my 10 year old, that area is his wardrobe. Obviously, I'm the one doing the sewing, but he has lots of exacting requests. His biggest concern: having no metal on his pants. That way, he can wear his pants inside an MRI machine or for an x-ray and not have to wear hospital pants. It breaks my heart to know this is a worry of his, but that's why I make him zipperless pants.

Khaki twill: Mill End Textiles
Pattern: "Frogs Pants" Ottobre 1-2008-25


  1. Then it's great that he has a mom who can help him exert that control over his wardrobe. He has fantasic taste and I like the idea of making faux fly pants look like they button at the waistband.

    $1.60 a yard twill!! I can see why you bought a large quanity. I wish we had a mill end store around here...seems like the majority of them are in the midwest. Maybe next time we drive to WI, I'll scope out our route and see if there are any on the way.

  2. I love those pants, I remember seeing them when they came out and thinking they were pretty cool for "boys" pants.

    Also cool that you can make his clothes to his exact standards and he gets to help in the process. That's a really wonderful gift.

  3. that is a heartbreaker but I think the ability to do this yourself, and his enjoyment of the process makes the handmade even more special. great pants! nice match with that T.

  4. Your such a great Mum. The kids clothes are just adorable. They're lucky you sew.

  5. It is so good that he can have clothes just how he wants them. He does look pleased with this new pair. Truly good and worthwhile mom work, which is often not fun IMO (especially into the 10th yard of the same fabric). I agree that skinnifying RTW is very time consuming. Would he sew them himself? That would be real control! (and maybe use up some more khaki twill)

  6. I used to wish for a store called "Skinny Boy" for my eldest. How good that you can make your son clothes he feels good in.


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