Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Me and My Velour Pantsuit

After getting socked with 14 inches of snow, a velour pantsuit is the perfect thing to snuggle up in. I'll just have to assume that's true, since I didn't make one in my size...yet. I can say, however, that beveloured toddlers are snuggly themselves, when they're in the mood to be snuggled.

The toddler silhouette.

The rear view. I made this in the smallest size (86 cm) and Molly is 83 cm. The fit in the torso length is just right for her, diaper and all. I tried the pantsuit on Molly for a final fitting before hemming and she was highly offended that the zipper was missing.

23 months is old enough to appreciate pockets, apparently.
Pattern: Jumpin' In Velour Coverall (Ottobre 6-2010-13).
Velour: Fashion Fabrics Club.
Zip: stash

This picture is from before our recent snowstorm. Clearing the roof of snow is a two step process: shovel the roof, shovel wherever the snow landed. Here my husband is trying to maneuver the snowblower around in the front walkway. It looked pretty awkward, but was certainly faster than shoveling it all by hand.


  1. So cute!! I'm glad y'all are staying warm!

    I was thinking the other day that they should make that one for grown ups. I wan't a velour pantsuit!

  2. Love the pantsuit it does look lovely and the photos of Molly too.

  3. Molly in the velour pantsuit...adorable, love that shade of blue!

    All that snow...YUCK!

    Hope y'all are staying warm!

  4. She looks so sweet and cuddly! I hope it warms up a bit for you soon.

  5. Oh that is so gorgeous and snuggly looking!

    Wow on the snow - I wouldn't mind a bit of cooler weather - we are in for a week of temps above 35C!! And humid to boot.

  6. Roof shoveling, not fun. Maybe your husband needs a velour-lined snow suit.

  7. Am totally lovin' that velour suit. So cute, velour's not so much fun to sew with as it is to wear I've found...

  8. The word I like to use for cute chubby-cheeked toddlers is "Goochi" She looks so goochi in this outfit. So adorable. So much snow!!!!!!!!!!

  9. I'm just seeing this now, and it's too, too, too cute! I might have to steal her and the velour suit. Lucky for you we're on different continents!

  10. best velour suit i've seen! goes great with her adorable red cheeks too :)


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