Sunday, February 27, 2011

My Shiny New Pants

Most every blogger bemoans the poor marriage of photography and black fabric, so it was amusing me to hear my 10 year old photographer go on about the poor lighting and say, "Plus, the pants are black!" as if he has years of experience. It is interesting to note the difference between seeing your pants in a mirror and looking at them more objectively via the computer screen. I love the comfort of this stretch sateen fabric, but now I realize that because it's stiff and doesn't drape, it adds to the appearance of excess fabric in the legs.

Besides that, I'm well pleased with the pants; perhaps I'd add some welt pockets in the back in another version. There's an invisible zip on the left side and the pockets are great because they are large and roomy without appearing bulky. Perfect for hand storage.

I can't remember where I got the fabric; all the black fabrics in stash tend to meld together in my mind.
The pattern is Burda 2-2010-102.


  1. These pants look great; both comfortable and attractive, and yes, big roomy pockets for hands are always a plus!

  2. May I borrow your long slender legs for just a minute or two? You look great in trousers. These look comfortable and well made.

  3. The pants look like a great basic, well fitting pair. Did the pants fit that well straight off the pattern or did you need to make any alterations?

  4. I love the length Joy. I can't stand short pants. I also can't believe that they are black! It looks like such a nice smokey grey /blue to me.

    P.S.) Congratulations on the 5 kids - I love big families.

  5. Cindy-I didn't make any changes except to de-curve the side seams, which is what I regularly do to pants. I do this during fitting by pinching the poufs at the sides and estimating what I need to take off. Very scientific!

  6. Looks like a good design for you. I always go for a side zip if i can...


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