Tuesday, February 1, 2011

She Has Lost Her Sheep

Remember the Blue Flower Power Shirt I just made? I had cut out a white version at the same time, but was a little disappointed in the fit of the floral top. For this white version I gathered the neckline twice as much and narrowed the sides a little. It's much improved, I think.

The sleeves have lower panels gathered to the upper sleeves.

And for a quick item to go with Sara's white shirt, I dug (literally) through my stash and found some lightweight twill for another version of the skirt I made for her over Thanksgiving (in denim, shown here.)

I really like the fit of this, which makes sense since it is drafted according to her measurements. Happily, growing an inch !!! between Thanksgiving and now didn't throw the fit off too much.

I had a little fun with embellishment, making good use of my portable, bionic embroidery machine. I gave Sara two design choices, and Little Bo Beep made the cut. But the question is, where are the sheep?

Lightweight pink twill:
White cotton jersey:
Shirt: Ottobre 4-2008-22
Skirt: Self-drafted


  1. Such a cute outfit - both pieces! My little girls would love to wear this so I'm going to bookmark this for future inspiration. And that embroidery is darling! Do you really have a machine that does that?

  2. No! My embroidery machine is my right hand (:

  3. I like the extra gathers, especially since it's a solid shirt. Cute!


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