Friday, February 4, 2011

Shirts for the Little Men

I'm not exaggerating when I say my boys wear their clothes out as soon as I make them. Boy #2 (in green) is happy to wear store bought or mom-made. Boy #1 (in red) refuses to wear RTW. He goes on about poor fit, bad design features, undesirable fabric (I wonder where he learned that...). So he's willing to rotate 4 or so shirts and wear holey pants, if necessary. Peer pressure is lost on him (that's good, right?) Lately my husband has been making known his desire to see boy #1 in something OTHER THAN STRIPES. Well, my solution was something with fewer stripes, anyway.

My well-used pattern, Jalie 2918, came to the rescue again, this time in the form of a v-neck. I've never done a v-neck t-shirt before, so it was an interesting venture. Jalie's instructions illustrate the method well and it's actually easier to serge a v-neck than a circle.

The fabric was a bargain find on I'd been keeping my eye out for knit with chest stripes and figured that'd be impossible to find, but one day I spotted this poly blend pique knit for .99 or 1.99 a yard. I was nervous about the quality at that price, but it's not too bad after all.


  1. What wonderful stripes...I wish we could get nice inexpensive fabrics here. All local fabrics are at least $12!!!... I then find it difficult to cut into it!
    It is lovely to hear that your boys are happy to wear your clothes...let alone only wear them! Good for them!

  2. Nice. I love stripes on boys. All my boys have been growing out of their clothes so fast too! I am contemplating making some shorts for the oldest, but I need to keep my eye out for some appropriate fabric too! Sounds like you found a good bargain there.

  3. They look RTW to me. Bet the "general public" can't tell the difference. You do good work.


  4. Love the stripes and the tees are a really good fit. I'm finding it hard to find cute fabric for my boy that aren't too babyish. Dressing girls is so easy in comparison!

  5. The shirts are a great fit and I like the stripe placement. That's amusing that boy#1 has taken his mom's wisdom to heart about RTW clothes!

  6. Terrific shirts. I have never seen chest stripe fabric like that here - very smart. It is good that your son appreciates custom made clothes.

  7. Looks well thought out. I am definately giving this pattern a try...


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