Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Shirts for the Man

My husband really gets the short end of the stick when it comes to my stitching. Good thing he doesn't notice. But I had a little fun lately with some embellished birthday t-shirts. I was a leetle unsure whether he'd think the "age number" shirt was as funny as I did, but he reasons that nobody will know the meaning of the large number emblazoned on his shirt.

The second shirt hearkens back to his Viking roots. I had to apply three coats of fabric paint (drying in between) to get a solid red over that dark grey.
Both t-shirts are from Jalie 2918 - basic t-shirts for boys and men.


  1. So fun! My hubby gets very little seeing love, too. I don't really like sewing menswear, but a tee shirt is a great idea! I love the way you've embellished these. 35 is something to celebrate!

  2. arrrhhh.

    (that's my viking voice)

    The number shirt made ME laugh, at any rate. I always look slightly askance at the year-number shirts in the catalogs... because my 7 year old would have to have a "4" and my 6 year old would have to have... a "14". Too confusing.

    I think you should make one for everyone in your family (since it's a pretty good-sized family, you'd have lots of numbers, right?) Although that would require lots of paint and effort and stuff.

    The Man Shirts look good!

  3. They are great! I would have to make my hubby's say "25", though, he has aging issues ;). How did you make the stencils? :)

  4. Terrific t shirts. I wonder if I could get away with a 40 t shirt for my bloke, or maybe a 25 t shirt would go down better ;).

  5. I love them Joy! I am about to make my husband a shirt. I may have to get myself a simple t-shirt pattern for him too and make a couple like yours. As always with your work, it's hard to believe they're not RTW!

  6. Taran- for the stencils: I machine appliqued the number "35" and did freezer paper stenciling for the viking ship. I'll elaborate in a future post.

  7. You are inspiring me to do some unselfish sewing. (Maybe) the boys pants are fantastic--I bookmarked them for future reference. My favorite is the viking shirt-SO awesome!


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