Friday, March 25, 2011

Baseball and Linen

Wearing summery linen pants won't bring spring, I'm afraid. I wimped out and opted for an indoor photo shoot today. Hopefully the blizzard we just got will be the last of it, but the cooler temperatures are good in one way: the slower the snow melt, the less grim the flood outlook will be. Lots of roads are already closed, including the route between me and my folks' house.

My last remaining pair of RTW pants has gotten a hole in the unfortunate front zipper location. How does that happen? I may still try some creative repairs, but it's more fun to make NEW pants. The new pants are an interesting Burda magazine pattern: they have a back waistband, but no waistband in the front. The zip fly goes right to the top and is somehow integrated with a front facing. The waistband instructions were inscrutable, but I thought surely I can figure this one out on my own, right?

The first try was no good. My post-seam-ripper efforts worked but some wrinkles appeared in the stretch fabric, which you can see to the right of the zip. I'm hoping those will, er, come out in the wash.
I made two errors: I treated the fly/facing combination just like I would a side zip, forgetting the the fly is offset on one side. If the zip is sandwiched in between the front and the facing, it will NOT zip up. The facing must be between the zipper and the front.
Error two: I forgot about the button (!) and ended the zipper at the top. It looks a little strange, but works for now since the zipper is tight. If it loosens up I'll have to add a snap or hook and eye.

The pants were frustrating because of all the ripping out I had to do, but the final fit is good - after my usual decurving at the side seams. Using a thinner facing fabric (instead of self fabric) would have given the front a much smoother appearance, I think.
I like the look of the back waistband.

Oh - the baseball tee? Another iteration of my basic raglan block. I keep tweaking it with each new round.
Trousers: Burda 5-2009-101
Made from super stretchy medium weight linen/cotton/lycra blend from Mill End Textiles.
Self-drafted from raglan sleeve t-shirt block
Heathered pink jersey from Mill End Textiles


  1. These are perfect for spring! The pattern is a great fit for you.

  2. They look wonderful! I love your top too.

  3. Loving the baseball tee and those pants look perfect for summer. You are much more skilled than I am--when I have to use the seam ripper extensively, I have to start a new project:)

  4. Looking great - what a strange waist design but I like it! I am making some pants at the moment and hope they turn out as neat as this!

  5. They look lovely on you. I cannot fathom how you made the waist, but it looks great!

  6. What a perfect fit you've achieved on these. I love them made out of linen. Really like the fabric choice on the baseball tee too.

  7. One of my favorite pair of pants that I have had for ten years and wear extensively every season are hemp...they just last and last.

    Shirt looks great on you and love that sleeve length...

  8. The pants look great on you! That's interesting that the back has a waistband yet the front doesn't. I like it.

  9. Great fit on the pants! I'm impressed.


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