Saturday, March 12, 2011

The Girl in Black and Daylight Savings

These past few months Sara has catapulted out of little girlhood into .... medium girlhood. No more fancy dress-up, fancy birthday cakes, or fancy anything. Please no party, please no decorations on my cake, and please make me black pants. So here are the pants in my favorite pattern: the Neat Beat Pants with the nice flat front yoke and the back elastic. (Top curtesy of Target).

Pattern: Ottobre 6-2009-17.
Stretch cotton sateen: Mill End Textiles. [I'll confess that I bought the bolt. Total: $16 with coupon.]

And it's with great relief that I set our clocks ahead tonight for Daylight Savings Time. I have sooo much time on my hands and have been getting sooo much sleep lately, that it'll be refreshing to lose that surplus hour tonight.


  1. Do I sense some sarcasm about the time change?!
    Great is a wonderful pattern.

  2. I think the time change is ridiculous too...what's the point?! Now it'll take me a week to get my body on schedule. Anyhoo, yes, nice trousers! I don't remember this pattern so will go pull that issue out. I want to see if I can change it up for a boy!

  3. I'm hoping that's sarcasm 'cause if it isn't, I'm jealous! I don't like the whole losing an hour but will be happy that P's soccer practice won't be finishing in the dark.

    As always a great fit! Isn't it funny how girls (boys too) change as they get older? K used to be a dress only girl but now is happiest in jeans.


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