Thursday, March 17, 2011

Petits Fleurs

This is my first (completed) Japanese pattern for adults. I was drawn to this particular one because of the interesting yokes and hem bands. I thought it looked less billowy on the magazine model, but billowy is necessarily the nature of a shirt that's pleated at the bottom to fit a hem band.
In the side view, I've pushed the fabric in, when normally it will stand out a bit.
I got to use my current favorite sewing technique: what I call the yoke sandwich, or maybe burrito would be more accurate. It gives a clean finish. However, here I stitched the buttoned edges first, before turning the yokes, so I serged the back yoke/back bodice seam.
How do you do this yoke finish? Karen has done a photo tutorial if you're interested.

Conclusion: I really like the unique details of the shirt, but am a little conscious of its pouf. If I made it again, I might simply take the whole thing in at the sides. OR I might keep the top half the same but leave off all the bottom details and slim the whole thing with a narrow hem.
What do you think? I do appreciate all my readers' opinions!

The pattern is #27 from Pochee Volume 10 (the Petit Fleurs Blouse). All the patterns in this magazine are traceable, but they come in only two sizes. Oddly enough, one of the sizes is my size. What are the odds of that? That said, the garments are not fitted - as you can see - making them more amenable to quick altering.

Don't let the lovely green bushes in my photos deceive you: our backyard looks like this.
But, the kids' snow fort has fallen apart (due to warmer weather) since I took this photo last week and the Canada Geese have just arrived in our wetland area on their journey north.
However, I've seen a few adventurous souls driving their trucks on the (frozen) lake this week. Yikes!


  1. I think it's very cute, and the colour and print go really well with the style. I sympathize about the poof factor, though I suspect it's innate to the blouse. Possibly a softer fabric would minimize it... In any case, it looks great! And I doubt the poof will be noticeable when you're moving around, as opposed to posing for photos. ;)

  2. If anyone could make the poof factor work, it would be someone built like you. I don't know that taking in the side seams would lessen the poof to a more flattering fit so I'd go with the latter option.

    It would be interesting to see if softer fabric would drape better and not be so obviously poofy like the previous commenter mentioned.

  3. It seems there are a few of us sewing bloggers trying new things of late, myself included:) I really like the details in the blouse and you've sewn it beautifully. I think the blouse is flattering from the side, but from the front and back I do think it could use some shape to emphasize your waist. I agree with Tanit-Isis, you can certainly pull off the look, but it comes down to if you are comfortable with the silhouette. Love the buttons and fabric choice too!

  4. I love the yoke and hem bands, such a lovely top!

  5. It's really pretty - my first thought was, I wonder how it would be in a more softly draping fabric - but I see the others have beaten me to it - otherwise it's lovely, the buttons, the fabric, the loose style.

  6. That's a great top! I think it looks lovely on you.

  7. The pleating at the bottom has me drooling. I have a few billowy shirts too, and I love wearing an obi belt with them. Very pretty.

  8. Oh, I just saw the pleating on the sleeve. Love.


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