Monday, March 7, 2011

Reminiscent of Hospital Gowns?

This is the "it's freezing out here and the sun is glaring off the snow so stop talking and take the photo" look. "But Mom! I cut off the top of your head! I'll take another one."

I made this blouse once before in white, intended for a wardrobe staple. Well, more as an emergency matchable item than as a staple, since I rarely wear plain white - it's too ghostly for me.
I liked the fit of the first version, and I thought I'd wear a print version more often.
I was nearly done stitching this up, had it arranged on my ironing board ready for placket facings when an unpleasant feeling of recognition washed over me. Where have I seen this before? Oh dear, this looks just like those grotesuqe gowns I found myself wearing in the maternity wards! Granted, my shirt doesn't fasten by 2 unhelpful ties in the back nor have equally unhelpful "slits" here and there, but the color and pattern may be a bit too much. What do you think?
Pattern: "The Perfect White Shirt Blouse" (Ottobre 5-2009-4).
Fabric: Can't remember where I got this - probably Mill End Textiles.
Shirt buttons: Cleaner's Supply.


  1. Well until you SAID that....

    I still think this is cute. This pattern looks good on you. No hospitals in sight.

  2. Well, it's a step up from the gowns I got to wear when in the maternity ward. They were seriously ugly!

    It's a pretty shade of blue but I'm not sure of the print for a long sleeved shirt. But then again, I'm tend to be print phobic with my shirts.

  3. You look good in that color, or is that pink glow from being out in freezing weather in only a shirt :-)?
    Seriously, the only thing I could think is wrong with it is the blah-color pants. Make some bright green ones and you're in business.

  4. Oh that made me laugh! I can safely say that I have never seen a hospital gown that cute, and the ones on the Pediatric wards are much cuter than those awful maternity ones! I think the print would be more subtle tucked in though. Perhaps some high waist pants?

  5. You must have prettier maternity hospital gowns than we do up here. It's very cute---and I agree that's a great cool on you :)

  6. My maternity gown was pink polka dotted but slightly grey and anything that reminds me of that gives me anxiety! But don't worry about your shirt-- it looks lovely-- and to me it seems like the perfect layering shirt--under a sweater or 3/4 length shirt with the sleeves rolled up maybe?

  7. The colour looks so lovely on you - nicely made shirt. I've often looked at that Ottobre pattern but I hate white and that's all I think of when I see it. So lovely to see the perfect BLUE shirt.

  8. I am all in favor of print blouses! Not too hospital gown at all. (But I know the feeling. I once made a light green and blue plaid dress and when it was finished realized it looked like a hospital gown and immediately donated it.)

  9. No, I did not think hospital gown. it looks good on you! but I know the feeling because I refashioned a men's dress shirt into a gownette once.


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