Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Seersucker and Stripes

Now for a tunic to go with the linen pants I just made. After a few times worn, I still like the pants, so that's a good sign. My first two pairs of khaki colored pants bit the dust (i.e. were donated for some unsuspecting soul to find a the thrift shop), even though I thought I like the fit at first.
The tunic is made from stretch seersucker with white, blue, and green stripes. There's an empire drawstring casing and a convertible collar. The sleeves are an odd length, I think. They have a small pleat in them, but I think the sleeves would look better shorter or with a bigger pleat. That may get changed soon.

Sherry did an excellent tutorial on convertible collars. I didn't rediscover this tutorial until after I muddled my way through Burda's instructions, but my NEXT convertible collar will no doubt be spectacular.

Conclusion? I like the style, but perhaps empire waists aren't for me? Maybe it's just that I'm not fond of ties around my ribcage.


Stretch seersucker: Mill End Textiles. 1.5 yards for $2.99/yd = $4.49.

Shirt buttons: Cleaner's Supply. 7 buttons at $0.02/each = $0.14.

Pattern: Burda 8-2008-112


  1. This is a great pattern for seersucker! Very fresh and summer-y. I really like it. So often empire waist tops look maternity, but this one doesn't at all.

  2. I really like this, too! It's very classic and springy!

  3. I think this looks very professional and will be a perfect summer top, if the feeling around the ribcage ends up not bothering you :)

  4. I agree with Katie that a lot of times empire waist tops give a maternity vibe but this one doesn't. Very nice outfit and perfect for spring!

  5. I like the tunic! I favor the empire waist because of my body shape, so perhaps I'm not objective, but I think it's flattering.


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