Monday, March 7, 2011

Stylish (?) Times Two

Amber of the Evening Tree and Kristine, the Beangirl were both kind enough to pass along this award. Along with Beangirl, I ponder whether "stylish" is the most fitting descriptor of the blog or the blogger (:

The award stipulates that I entertain you with 7 factoids, which you may not actually want to know. Here goes:

1. One of my favorite foods is asparagus. I eat it nearly every day.

2. One of my favorite movies is "The Princess Bride". When I was in college, my roomate and I could quote large swaths of the dialogue....possibly to the annoyance of our other roomate.

3. I have double jointed thumbs. When in junior high, I would impress people with this, but it hasn't really been useful to me since.

4. With the help of a friend, I spray painted my first car yellow. I bought the car from a family friend and the paint from Wal-Mart. It was sooo boring in pale blue, but with yellow paint it became "The Bananacoche".

5. One early sign of my creativity involving raw materials was when I made an entire manger scene from toilet paper rolls, paint, and glue. I'm not sure why, but my mom has preserved it all these years.

6. Do you know the Myer's-Brigg's personality types? I'm an INTJ, which comprises 1-2% of the population. No wonder all of you are so . . . unusual.

7. I have straight hair. It doesn't curl; it doesn't even bend. Despite a few failed efforts to the contrary, I made it through the 80's without big bangs and the 90's without a perm.
Choosing 7 people to award is like choosing bridesmaids. You can't include all your friends and you might choose someone who'd rather be left well enough alone. So I'm going to be an award black hole here.
But I would like to highlight one new blog: All the Wyld Things. This gal has been doing some pretty impressive pattern drafting.


  1. I'm an INTJ too. Hmmm, no wonder I like you:) And who doesn't love The Princess Bride?

  2. cute post. I am soooo ready for fresh asparagus in the spring--it is the first vegetable that I look for!

  3. I love reading these facts about all the bloggers who participate. I too love asparagus and the Princess Bride has to be one of my all time favorite movies. I am familiar with the Myer's Brigg's personality types. I took this test long long ago. I can't remember what I was/am. But you have me curious. I'll have to dig it out and have a look. Also, I thought your last blouse was nice and didn't look like a hospital gown. (Remember my hospital gown fabric? I'm still thinking on it.) I think your blouse is a perfect fabric for summer and would look very nice with white pants/skirt and or a colorful cardigan in a complimentary color like bright yellow, green, or orange!

  4. It was really interesting reading your factoids! I've never heard of Myer Briggs, but now naturally I'm insanely curious and want to take the test to find out "what" I am. I read the link to INTJ, and while I am actually a scientist and excelled at being hidden away in my lab, working alone on some problem, the bit about being a natural leader doesn't describe me or any other scientists I know...!
    "Bananacoche", absolutely wonderful...!

  5. Well, the Princess Bride is pretty much one of the best movies ever. How could you not love it? :)

    I've taken the online versions of the Meyer-Briggs test before. I seem to be the INFP. Though occasionally I get INFJ. Maybe I'm just undefinable. :D


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