Friday, March 4, 2011

Two Pink

Phew! We just celebrated our 4th birthday in 5 weeks. The latest celebrant was mostly oblivious to the occasion, not attempting to blow out her candles or eat the cake below the frosting part. She also didn't mind getting her birthday outfit a day late.

In the photos she's wondering where Daddy is. "Daddy, go?"
I have a whole month before I need to make one more age shirt, then I'm done for a while.
Big brothers think these age shirts I've been making are great fun and even have ideas for their next shirts (tune in a month from now). We'll see if their interest wanes in the teen years.
Rille Raglan Sleeve T-shirt (Ottobre 6-2008-1).
Lelle Leggings (Ottobre 6-2008-2).
Pink interlock: Chez Ami.
Pink/white check jersey: Chez Ami.


  1. very cute! Happy birthday to her!

  2. The pink is just right. I think it's an adorable set. Bet the boys are scared they'll get pink! (I truly miss getting to sew in pink.....heavy sigh here....) Great job.


  3. Oh, the first photo, what a cutie. (Your sewing is just gorgeous too, but she just steals the photo). I hope you have a lovely rest from baking birthday cakes and sewing birthday shirts, that is a heavy celebration season!

  4. preciosa en tonos rosas.La hija mayor se parece mucho a tí;esta debe ser a papá


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