Thursday, April 21, 2011

An Award and Daily Life

Thanks to Sew Mental Mama for passing this award to me. It's hard to say whether I'm truly all that. Maybe it's more accurate to say I'm some of that. But that would hardly look right on award, would it?!

I'm going to cheat and, instead of answering 5 questions, I will subject you to 5 photos from our regular lives. And you thought all I did was sew?

Look, ma! I made ketchup! My oldest does not eat sugar, and ketchup without sugar (or corn syrup) cannot be purchased. Hence the homemade ketchup. It's easy to make and fills the house with a wonderful smell (the distinctive ketchup smell comes from the allspice). At a certain point, however, I'm tired of smelling ketchup and need to put it away in jars.

We went zooing (as my sil calls it). Here's #2 in a giant ribcage. Maybe he'll be a paleontologist.

Someone's checking out our new squirrel baffle. It wasn't baffled for long.

A heron in our neighbor's backyard. A minute later the heron caught a giant fish (probably a Northern Pike) and swallowed it headfirst. That was pretty amazing.

The 5, all decked out in homemade. This was supposed to be our Christmas photo, but I never sent it out. Maybe next year.

By the way...

Those of you who guessed Abbey Road were correct! Here's a link to the original.

I'm working on my bellbottoms. I've been hung up on the pocket design and, well, daily life.


  1. Homemade ketchup sounds AMAZING. Do you use an alternative sweetener or just the tomato for sweetness? Actually, can you post a recipe? Or maybe email me one if you don't want to post it? huh huh? canyou huh huh?

  2. I canned ketchup last year for the first time, took 24 hours for that batch to cook down. But on my was it ever worth it. I used my Crock pot to put it in and that way I didn't have to watch it. I can't eat corn or corn products and as you say most Ketchup has corn syrup or high fructose corn syrup. I have a much bigger roaster pan thingy that I can use this year! Can do a huge batch at one time! Now if my tomatoes in the garden just cooperate with me on this! :O)

  3. That ketchup does sound delish. I am eagerly awaiting bell bottoms.

  4. Can I just say that the fact you make ketchup is awesome! And the fact you can it even more so.

    I only have 1 bellbottom pattern that doesn't zip in the back-I guess this was normal?-can't wait to see yours.

  5. Still ALL that :-)
    I love the sound of your ketchup.

  6. Oh, Joy, I would love to know your ketchup recipe as my girls are big ketchup eaters ! Would you share it ? :-)


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