Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Do you have no qualms about invading other people's personal footspace? Do you feel most comfortable when there's a strong wind on your calves as you walk?

Do you love creating bigger swooshes in puddles than other people?

Hopeless of ever being "fashion forward", do you see a glimmer of possibility in "fashion backward"?

Were you too young to dress yourself in the 1970's?

Do you like to make people wonder what kind of footwear you're wearing?

Do you dream of godets?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you are ready to make yourself some BELLBOTTOMS!

What has inspired this madness of mine?

1. The strong appeal of 1970's (and 60's) fashion which I mostly missed out on, having only experienced the decade as a toddler.

2. Recently discovering at my library several drool-worthy Butterick Home Catalogs from the 1970's.

3. The revelation that my sister-in-law is also obsessed with the 70's.

4. Karen's decision to satisfy her daughter's request for bellbottoms, using the same pattern I've been eyeing for a year or two.

5. Tanit-Isis' recent stitches, including a maxi-dress and even men's wear.

If the bellbottom bug has bitten you, too, you can submit photos to the newly minted Flickr group: Bellbottoms and More. I plan to start a pseudo-sewalong with a flexible start date. If, by some stroke of genius, you have recently (in the past year or so) sewn a 60's or 70's garment, you can submit it to the flickr group and it will still qualify for the contest. Details to come.

There's plenty of love in blogland for 30's, 40's, and 50's fashion, but not so much for the 60's and 70's. I'm happy to do my small part.


  1. Yes!! I saw your comment on Karen's post and I am so in!! I already pulled that issue of burda to be traced...

  2. I am SO in! I have patterns for tops, bell bottoms, a couple dress patterns, and a groovy jacket pattern. (Yes, groovy) I can't wait to see what you make!

  3. Funny!

    I am wiped out from zoo-ing (new word coined for "The Act Of Walking All Over The Zoo" and slightly brain dead, but yes! The 1970s were very cool. Can't quite say the same for the 1980s, though. What a pity that it was the decade in which I was old enough to choose what clothes I wanted to wear. I shall need therapy sometime later in life, doubtless.

    All that said, not sure that I could pull off bellbottoms. One needs to be tall to do that, and I sadly don't have tall in my genes. Plus the children would hide under the voluminous hems and thus cheat at hide-and-seek.

    Love the leotards by the way! Too zonked to go and separately comment. I don't think I even knew how much new gym leotards retailed. I just bought E's at the annual hand-me-down sale the gym has. Parents sell gently-used leotards for pittance, and other parents (i.e. me) happily buy them.

  4. I have recently discovered an abiding passion for 70s maxi-dresses, which kinda flummoxes me since I was a child of the eighties and grew up despising the 70s for its polyester and earthy colour scheme. There was a major 70s revival when I was in high school, though, are we really ready for another one?

    ... That being said I have at least three or four 70s pattern on my to-sew list... :)

  5. You are awesome! I now wish I had an interest in making 70's clothes, because this sounds fun. Sadly, I was in gradeschool in the 70's and frankly have not-so-fond memories of the fashion at the time.

  6. Good on you - can't wait to see your bell bottoms! I am a little coy about signing up for anything since I'm not even off the starting blocks with the Jacket sewalong! But I will be cheering from the sidelines! Go 70's!

  7. I am definitely interested in bell-bottoms, feeling they are the most flattering style for my shape!

  8. What a great idea, i love 70's patterns and have just bid for some on ebay :)

  9. I loved this post. I've always had a rather strong hippie/boho streak, despite having been born in the 80s, and I think it's kind of sad how all the vintage sewing bloggers tend to ignore the 60s and 70s in favor of the 40s and 50s. I have actually used 70s patterns before, which was my only experience with vintage sewing--used a couple of my mom's old ones when I was in high school to make a few things, but sadly, I don't have any of the patterns anymore because I'm taller than she is and they didn't really fit me. Also, my favorite pants silhouettes are all flared.

    p.s. One of my favorite coats is actually from the 70s--this orange-ish brown leather one, which is the one thing from my mom's 70s wardrobe that is still around. I claimed it for my own in high school, and still wear it on a regular basis as my between-seasons jacket. Despite the sleeves being too short for me, because it is THAT AWESOME.

  10. I like the 9th pattern in your post! The longer top/dress with the matching shorts under it. I would wear that. Of course no one will ever accuse me of being a fashion plate. LOL. I just wear what I like :O).

  11. CraZy enough, I would wear most of those patterns! One of my favorite pant patterns is from the 80's (mccalls)... Vintage patterns are great and definately worth a look...

  12. This sounds like fun! I'll have to hit up my mom's stash of '70's patterns and see what I can use.

  13. I love my 60s shift dress I made over the winter; I will have to submit it to the group. I have a blouse planned from a 70s pattern, though I don't know that it will look all that retro when finished. Argh, I can't wait to get back to fun sewing!!!!

  14. Most of the clothes I seem to be drawn to in recent months are from the 70's and have made several maxi dresses, maxi skirts and blouses.I was a teenager throughout the I was 9 in 1970 and left home for college in 79 so I definitely felt the full force of the 70's one way or the other!
    Would love to join the bell bottoms challenge!


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