Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Double Denim Duo

As you can see, one half of the duo is feeling more cooperative today than the other half. And yes, that's freshly fallen snow. Lucky us.

Once again, the boys desperately need pants, so I made two identical pairs with waistband elastic inserted in addition to the zip flys (or is it "flies"?). It's a lot faster to sew two pairs of jeans simultaneously than back to back. It cuts in half the mental processing required, which is good since I have a lot of things competing for my mental processing time. I guess Henry Ford was on to something there, huh?

I still haven't made a noticeable dent in my 3,000 yard spool of gold topstitching thread. Apparently, the thread is good for hair weaving, too, if you do a lot of that.

I'm pretty sure the pockets are aligned much better than they appear in the photo!

The pattern is my much used Ottobre 1-2004-24. I'm getting a lot of use out of the one time I traced that pattern! One boy got extra length, but the width is still more than sufficient. Since I've made this pattern several times I know that the pants won't look too baggy once the denim softens up in the wash and doesn't stick out so much.


  1. Cute little jeans... cute little models you have there too :O)

  2. Noble mother award for sure. I pair of boys jeans is enough to send me straight to chiffon, or Target, so two lots makes me send waves of admiration your way. Where are your bell bottoms? ;)


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