Monday, April 18, 2011

Groovy Bellbottoms Challenge!

First, go here to discover whether YOU are ready to make bellbottoms.

Here is the official sign-up for the "Groovy Bellbottoms Challenge!" The deadline for submitting your entry(ies) is June 1. That gives you just over a month. If you'd like to participate: .

1. Leave a comment in this post about your entry. You can leave fascinating details about your project such as pattern, fabric and personal journey. If you sew additional pairs, leave a comment for each or indicate all pairs in a single comment.

2. Sew your bellbottoms! [This would be the most important step.].

3. Submit a photo to the Flickr group, Bellbottoms and More. Please label your flickr photo with "Groovy Bellbottoms Challenge 2011!" along with any other interesting morsels. [You can join flickr for free for the first 200 photos. Or, just leave a link if you'd like to post your photo elsewhere.]

4. Grab the "Groovy Bellbottoms Challenge!" button and post it on your blog. [This step is optional. You clever ones out there will realize that blog buttons are essentially advertising and, if you advertise, more people MAY participate which MAY reduce your chances of winning.] .

I'm employing the Cheater Widget method here since, frankly, I'd rather fuse interfacing than figure out how to create a widget. Save the button picture and upload it to your blog with a link here. (In blogger, go to the Design tab and choose to add a Picture.)

Each pair of bellbottoms entered by June 1 will give you a chance to win this fabulou s book: Make Your Own Dress Patterns by Adele Margolis. This book is loaded with instructions and illustrations on how to make a multide of garment elements. It does not give you instructions for making your own sloper, but it tells you what to DO with your sloper - or with any other pattern, for that matter.

After poring over this book, I finally understand darts and feel comfortable moving or changing them. I also used the instructions here for drafting cowl necks.
FAQs *

1. Do I have to use a vintage pattern? No, you can also draft your own, use a modern pattern with a 70's vibe, or modify a pattern.

2. What if bellbottoms just aren't "groovy" for me? Wait for the upcoming "Groovy Tunic Challenge!" (and possibly others...).

3. Do I get extra points for using 21 wale corduroy? Sorry, no.

4. Can I make bellbottoms for my husband, grandma, or neighbor? Yes, you can stitch bellbottoms for any human.

* Just kidding. No one asked any questions.

[Thanks to my husband for creating the pseudo-widget.]


  1. Woo hoo! You know I'm in! I'm planning a pair of stovepipes from a vintage 1973 pattern as well as a pair of the 11/2009 burda bellbottoms. The first pair is cut out and the burda is on the tracing table. So fun!!

  2. I was planning to do some cords from Wearing History's Smooth Sailing pattern. It's more late 30's than 70's, but the spirit is the same. Can I join in?

  3. Steph-join in!

    Ironically, bell bottoms and the smooth sailing pants share an inspiration source: sailors' trousers. The smooth sailors are definitely bell-bottoms, albeit with a more sophisticated vibe.

  4. you are so cool! sorry, "groovy"! I can't wait to see what everyone comes up with.

    I'm going to pass on the bellbottoms (that wasn't a good look for me in the 70's when I was a small child and it definitely isn't a good look for me now that I'm a not-so-small adult). However, "Groovy Tunic Challenge"....? Grooooooovy!

  5. I think I'm going to jump on the bandwagon for bell bottoms or at least make a pair for one of my victims, I mean kids, to wear. Not sure what pattern or fabric yet...I still need to knock out the Easter dresses.

  6. I'm looking at some Burda flares so may make it after all - but will certainly cheer from the sidelines!

  7. Oh I so want to do this! I just made 1970s shorts and I love them!

  8. Just realised I am far too late for this challenge but shall look out for future challenges!!I have just posted about a 1969 blouse pattern I have made if you are interested.


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