Monday, April 11, 2011


Our world series of birthdays came to a smashing finale with the number "9". This goofy guy who used to have peach fuzz hair and a chunky barrel shape is now rail thin and nearly up to my shoulders. I thought I'd have a little fun with an archaic numbering system for the age shirt this time around.
Just as Alex tried on his new roller blades, I made him take a photo with his new shirt.
No, I didn't make the skates.I've made this pattern twice before, both with guitar appliques: version 1 and version 2. Although making t-shirts can be a wee boring, I'm always pleased in the end because of the excellent fit I get compared to store bought shirts. He's narrow enough that RTW tops hang off the shoulders and look sloppy.

This is a great pattern, too, with the nice raglan lines and the sleeves and neck finished with narrow hem bands.


Riff Raglan T-shirt (Ottobre 3-2010-10). Size 134 for height and 128 for width.

Cotton jersey


  1. I love how he loves his new skates! The t-shirt is great, too. Happy birthday!

  2. Happy Birthday Alex! What a great T-shirt.... I love the numbers. Very grown up.

  3. valde bonus!

    ok fine, that's probably not correct "archaic", but whatever. This is great!

  4. Now c'mon Joy, I'm sure you could make roller blades if only you'd try!;)

    I really like the roman numerals for his age, I think it's perfect for an older boy. Great shirt and Happy Birthday Alex!

  5. This has a perfect nine year old boy look! Oh my goodness, could it be, NO snow in the background?!

  6. Joy, my oldest would love that shirt! What a great idea with the roman numerals. It would even be fun (if it would fit) to do an equation such as (10-1=?) X-I = ?

    that would be a tricky one--but fun and mind boggling for people...leave it to my warped brain to come up with this your ideas! They are super!


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