Friday, May 27, 2011

Bellbottoms are for Men, Too!

I've said before that my dad and father-in-law both opted out of the bell-bottom fad. Maybe they didn't realize what wonders flared hems can do for one's figure. Or maybe, as young people, they already knew their "individual" styles.

Case in point: when my husband came home from work the other day, he took one look at me and exclaimed, "You look like my dad!" (This said with admiration, naturally.) It took me only a moment to realize that, yes, I was wearing shorts and black socks. All I was missing were the white tennis shoes.

Moving on... here are some beauties from the 1975 Sear's Catalog.

Who can resist corduroy? I can't.

Jeans joint?

More jeans with great topstitching lines.

And even though they're not bellbottoms, I can't resist sharing these gems with you:

Notice the denim boots. You could really go all out with the denim: jacket, bellbottoms and boots.
And you could even do an extra layer in there with a blue denim lesiure shirt jacket.

Don't even try to resist corduroy when it's stitched up in a Richly Masculine Corduroy Sportcoat.

I'm not sure if this photo disqualifies my blog from family friendly status, but check out the Terry-go-rounds! (Notice the term "richly masculine" is nowhere to be seen in reference to these towel skirts...).


  1. I like the boots in the one photo with the round circle bucket thing on them :O). Not sure about the bell bottoms for men LOL

    I went all the way into the big city today. Lots of good fabric sales today!

  2. I don't think my dad was too into them, but my uncles have many photos that must have been VERY stylish at the time...

    I had jeans with that exact same curved-butt-seam round about 2000... I lurved them. :D. Speaking of which, I cut out my bell-bottoms today. I may actually finish them in the time frame! ;)

  3. Please tell your husband that he has a VERY faulty memory of how his father dressed! (Well,,,,, maybe once in a while,,,,,,)


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