Sunday, May 1, 2011

Flares, Bell bottoms, or Bootlegs?

Ha! My original post title had "bootlegging" in it, which is something else entirely.

Here they are finally. I don't know why it took me so long to work through these, but they're done now. I had visions of some dramatic bell bottom action, but my version is very subdued, after all. I won't have any hestitation about wearing these in public.

The fit is good - I actually had to tweak these less than I normally do for Burda pants. For this pair, I made no post-pattern-cutting fitting changes (besides cutting 2 inches off the hem).

My one dislike is that the side seam pockets stick out. This is my 3rd pair of side-seam-pocketed Burda pants and I have come to believe that the laws of physics require that they stick out. It is possible they could stay flat if you were shaped like a board.

The belt loops are tabs permanently buttoned down.

I added back pockets (from my stretch Jalie jeans) and had some fun with the design. Deciding on a pocket design took 2 days, which is terrible for productivity, I must say.

I LOVE the flare on these. I ended up liking the minimalist topstitching I did at first, so left it at that.

ETA: There are 4 godets on each leg: front, back and sides.

Here's a closeup of the pockets and my low-tech approach to machine embroidery. The photo is pretty self-explanatory. Those are mandolins, by the way.

I had some clever photo shoot ideas for the momentous occasion of my first bellbottoms. I was standing at the back window with my cereal bowl this morning, watching the birdfeeder, I uttered aloud, "What are those white flakes floating around in the air?" Yes, it was snowing on May 1. Really, I'm a Minnesota native, so I should not have been too surprised. But I was. Clever photo shoots will wait for warmer weather, and by then I hope to have a groovy tunic to join in.


Lightweight denim with no stretch.

Pattern: Burda magazine 11-2009-25.

Here's a link to the line drawing on Burda's French site. I am very amused that, in French, the trousers are called Patte d'éléphant which, translated, means "elephant paw".


  1. These are super cute! I think I have that Burda issue and will attempt to make them. Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Love the pocket drawings--it's the details that make me happy! I'm sorry about the snow:( I live in Utah and last year it snowed May 24. So I'm counting down the days until June this year.

    Very flattering pants. Great work!

  3. Very very cool, love all the subtle thoughtful details. Well done. They're like a thinking woman's flared jeans. :)

  4. cool, really cool or super cool? Love them, the details are just gorgeous!

  5. I love these. The pockets are superb - so detailed. Love 'em.

  6. These are great. A good fit and your pocket design is a nice touch.

  7. Amazing pair of pants!!! I LOVE them!

  8. Nice!!
    And yeah, side seam pockets are the worst. I always end up tacking them shut when I buy RTW pants with them, since if you have any hips they really bag out.

  9. Awesome! I must get going on mine - I have 3 pattern pieces traced so far. I love the mandolin back pockets and the understated topstitching. Too fabulous!

  10. The mandolins on the back pockets are a neat touch. The pants look great!

  11. Adorable! They fit great and are really nice looking.

  12. son of a--! Blogger just deleted my entire comment. -sigh-


    nice elephant paws.
    looks good.
    someone I have seen someone showing a method that will supposedly make the pockets not stick out. if i think of it, i'll let you know!


  13. That godet in the front is really interesting. The modolins look great!

  14. I too love the godet in the front of the pants. What a clever way to achieve the bell bottom flare. Great fit by the way.

  15. the mandolins are great...also like the topstitching. I like the way you worked this pattern. Bravo!

  16. Are those godets in the flare? I love it! also, the pockets with guitars are fantastic!

  17. There are actually four godets in each leg. Very fun!

  18. I love your bell bottoms. I skipped the side pockets because I also find they always stick out, even if you support the seam with a super stretched piece of twill tape that allegedly stops the sticky-outness.
    I also adore the mandolin pockets.
    Sorry I missed commenting on this post when you made it, I was not on the computer much for a few weeks, but had to comment late as I was so pleased to see you did make a pair from this pattern!


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