Tuesday, May 17, 2011

How's Your Groove Coming Along? and some Bellbottom Family History

The Groovy Bellbottoms Challenge finishes in just under two weeks. How are your flares and godets coming along? Don't forget to leave a comment and label your flickr picture so I don't forget to include you in the drawing and photo gallery.

Do bellbottoms run in your family? Here's picture proof I have a least one stylish side of my family. I love this picture of my mom and her brother (presumably mid-70's). I forgot to ask where this photo was taken, but I'm guessing somewhere in northern Minnesota, not really the fashion capital of the world.

My dad and father-in-law both deny involvement in the flared leg fad; I still need to ask my mother-in-law, but I would guess bellbottoms were a happy addition to her former wardrobe.

Can you trace your bellbottom family history?


  1. I'm supposed to be making dinner now, so of course I'm on the computer instead. Can't wait to see all the entries! Mum was definitely a Bellbottomer. Also a Platformheeler. And her fabric choices were very 70's, and therefore hip forevermore. I wish I had photos to share, but they're all back near the equator. Now, Dad..... not so trend-attentive, I remember. But he had Elvis hair. Does that count?

  2. And that car is pretty groovy too !

  3. I wish I had stumbled on to this sew along sooner! I used to have some green and orange plaid bell bottoms. They were totally groovy!

  4. My dad definitely wore them as a kid!

  5. Oh dear, I forgot to enter!! Can I still do it? I have the fabric and the pattern, and I am putting the badge on my blog now...
    I just squeaked into the beginning of the bell-bottomer stage myself (yes, I am old enough...) and my parents sported some very groovy beauties too!

  6. Eeek, only 2 weeks?? I JUST finished tracing my burda bellbottoms pattern. That was A LOT of pieces!!
    Mom was a bona fide bell bottomer. I'm upset with her for not keeping some of the fabulous clothes from her high school days. She had some white hip hugger bell bottoms that would be amazing now!

    Word ver: noodist - another popular clothing (or not) fad of the 70s!


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