Saturday, May 14, 2011

Lime Jersey Shorts

It's hard to be making summer clothes when the weather refuses to be summer. But I've managed somehow.
The two white pairs are for wearing under skirts and dresses. The colorful pairs are meant for wearing on their own, if I have willing recipients. The girls were highly skeptical of these while I was cutting them out, but the great appeal of an easy garment kept me going.
The long pairs go to the knees, or a little lower and the waists are a little below the navel. If I make more pairs, I'll shorten them to a normal shorts length, as I did for the white pairs.

The verdict: Sara loves the blue pair. Grace refuses to put on the striped shorts, but loves the white pair. "They are SO comfortable."
So, now I have requests for more colors.
The details:
Pattern: Lime Jersey Shorts (Ottobre 3-2010-10)
Blue and blue striped cotton lycra jersey: Chez Ami.
White cotton jersey: elsewhere.


  1. It's been refusing to be very summery here, too. ;)
    So cute! I like the stripe-y ones... maybe she'll come around in a few days? ;)

  2. And I would have thought the stripes would have been the first choice...

    Love these shorts...perfect for sticking under skirts and for wearing w/ a t-shirt!

  3. I love Chez Ami's stripes, I don't get why the kiddos never seem to go for them. TLo was pretty dubious about hers too (although she seems to have come around on them).

    Saying that, the ones I finished are getting used. I did 7 pairs and now I'm thinking I need to do some more before summer truly kicks in (it's been all of 72 degrees here the past week... we're all freezing and ready for the 95 to come back).

    Gotta LOVE how easy it is to make knit leggings, right?

  4. Cute! It's so nice to have a super-easy project sometimes, isn't it?


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