Monday, May 16, 2011

Paisley Butterfly Tee

The kids and I spent several hours at the arboretum today (or "barberetum", as my 5 year old calls it). Here I'm standing in a nature sculpture sporting my new paisley t-shirt. I made this pattern a couple of years ago with poor results. Now that I've had all this time to work out my shoulder alterations, I thought I'd give it another try. It's much better now, especially since I used the stretch fabric the pattern calls for.
I dug the interesting stretchy jersey out of a $2 a yard remnant bin. It wasn't until I'd stitched the shirt up that I took a good look at the print and realized there are butterflies in there among all the paisley flowers. Of course, all the butterflies happen to be upside down.
Verdict? This is the t-shirt I wanted: it's slim-fitting, but not skin tight because I used a stretchy fabric. My shoulder alterations are working. Next time, I'd shorten the sleeves a little.
Pattern: Ottobre 2-2006-1.
Stretchy jersey: SR Harris.
Below are pictures mainly of interest to my grandparent readership.
A bunch of iron sculptures are visiting the arboretum. They are inspired by tree roots.
A telephone booth: a vanishing relic of America's landscape.
Getting a good view of all the pennies in the fountain.

A turtle on a log in the bog.


  1. You seriously nailed the fit. It looks amazing! What upside down butterflies?

  2. Very cute Tshirt, the fit is very nice! Good job!

  3. Hey...looks like a nice fit on your tee. The field trip looked like it was a lot of fun too!

  4. That photo of you inside the sculpture is great. And isn't it funny how a phone booth is now an attraction ?

  5. I love this shirt! It's exactly the kind of shirt that I would love to wear all the time. The fit looks great!


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