Saturday, May 28, 2011

Ruffles and Jeggings

I don't do ruffles much, and I've never done jeggings (jeans + leggings), but here they are. I was immediately drawn to the intriguing ruffle-y neckline when I saw it. And the tunic length clearly needs to be paired with leggings, which apparently was a big, gaping hole in my wardrobe. They're quite the opposite of bell-bottoms, eh?
I'm glad I had done a v-neck before (using Jalie's helpful illustrated instructions), or this ruffly version would have been tricky. In the above photo you have a good view of the interesting raw edge finishing. The outer edge of the ruffle is raw, and so are the armholes. They are stabilized with a self-fabric bias binding which is sewn on the inside.
I love how the neck turned out. The pieces are cut as spirals so that, when straightened, the outside edge ripples.

The big question is the length. Even though the magazine's modeled photo does show it this long, I somewhat illogically thought it'd be shorter on me.

The pattern is Tunic C from this Japanese book which, translated, is titled something like "My Clothes Sewing: Always Wear, Many Times". It is by Mizuno Yoshiko. ISBN 4529048543.

The fabric I used is cotton interlock from Chez Ami. Interlock may be too heavy for summer, but I thought I needed something with weight to hold the shape of the ruffles. I have no idea what fabric the pattern called for, but it does look like it could be interlock knit.

The illustrations are numbered step-by-step and give a pretty good idea of the finishing techniques.

The leggings are super comfortable. I was glad to be able to use up this ultra thin and stretchy denim since it wouldn't have worked for regular jeans.

The pattern came from this book: "Natural and Layered Style", a Pochee Special in the Heartwarming Life Series (ISBN 452904791). The book was a gift from the creative and very funny Sigrid of Analog Me. Thanks, Sigrid! The book is full of lovely girls' and womens' clothes and little did I know the first thing I'd make would be simple leggings.

Here you can see the modeled photo and the pictorial instructions.

Now, the question for you, dear readers. I've tried to demonstrate the tunic in a couple of different lengths, besides the almost dress length it's at right now.

Should I:
1. Leave it as is, worn with leggings.
2. Shorten it to a more common tunic length (above photo).
3. Shorten it to long top length (photo below).
4. Wear it as a dress (i.e. with sandals).
5. Other.


  1. I vote for "wear it as a dress". It's SUPER cute, I just think you either need VERY tight leggings or just nothing at all on your legs. It would make a fabulous summer dress.

  2. grrr try number three to leave a comment. Hope they don't all post. Just delete the other two if they do LOL

    This is just cuteness!

    I agree I think its a cute length for a dress as is and you don't even need the jeggings with it for summer.

    Your so tiny I think the shorter versions made nice tops with the jeggings on you.

    I would do the version you like the best or you will just pick past it in the closet, or that is what I would do LOL.

    What ever you decide the over all style is so cute!

  3. First, gorgeous haircut! LOVE it!

    Second, the fit on you is perfect and lovely, unlike the magazine model, who looks somewhat unfortunate in hers.

    Third, definitely the longer length. It can go up a couple of inches and still be mid-thigh (longer than traditional tunic - about halfway between crotch and knee) and very chic. And maybe with slightly-boot-cut leggings (think yoga pants, not bellbottoms ;) ) over boots, or opaque tights and knee-length boots? Or leggingless and with cute espadrilles?

    OK, must stop now and go help with bedtime for kids.

  4. I love your new haircut!
    Your new dress is lovely, and I like yours a lot better than the one in their photo! I like it just the length it is, worn with the leggings. And as your weather warms up you could still wear it as a dress sans leggings if you want :)

  5. I love it! So cute! I also like the length as is, worn as a dress, by itself for summer or with tights and a top underneath for winter. I think the tunic length is the least flattering, but I do like it at top length.

  6. I love the length. Gives it more style. It looks well on your figure.

  7. I love it at the current length. It is such a pretty dress. To me that seems the most versatile - with leggings, with tights or with bare legs. It looks terrific on you.
    Your new haircut really suits you too.

  8. I think you should leave it as a dress. I would shorten the leggings to right at ankle length and wear strappy sandals as the model in the photo has, or just very flat sandals. And sometimes wear the dress without them.

  9. What a cool neckline on this dress. It is such a pretty summer color. I think it would look awesome worn as a dress. I love your chic new hairstyle. The shorter length must feel great too.

  10. It's a pretty color blue and I like the ruffle detail around the v neck. Personally, I like it at the length it is and worn as a dress. Love the new looks really nice!

  11. The neckline is smart, and looks flattering on you. I think it would be fun with a striped shirt underneath (with 3/4 length sleeves and fun light scarf) for cooler days or a tank top for warm days.

    I like the longer length and I like the idea of wearing it with leggings (My husband just gave me some for my birthday--which I find very comfortable--and wouldn't have bought for myself)...I love the long sleeve top on the cover of the book also, I could see you wearing that in a small floral print, very sweet...

  12. I love your haircut and the new clothes and I am glad you found something you wanted to sew from that book. I like the shorter tunic look, but i think it could be a very cute dress too.


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