Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A Shorts Variety Show

Sara has a good number of summer tops, but is short in the shorts department. The bike shorts I whipped up last week went over so well, I've been inundated with requests for more. The girls have been searching the stash for more colors, not as concerned about the lycra content of the knits as they should be (:
The black cotton lycra shorts will also go well with Sara's gymnastics leotards. They are a shortened version of Ottobre 3-2010-10 (Lime Jersey Shorts).

Next up are a pair I drafted with instructions from Metric Pattern Cutting for Children's Wear. I was greatly disliking these when I first made them, mostly because of the unpleasant poly poplin I used, but also because they are baggier than I envisioned and my freehanded pockets look ridiculously tiny. Sara chose the fancy fake metal button for embellishment.

Now that I've let the shorts sit for a few days, I don't think they're so terrible. In hindsight I should have used a tailored block instead of an easy fitting block to get the fit I was envisioning.

Last up are my favorite pair made with a leftover scrap of wonderful cotton ripstop. I wish I had bought yards and yards of this. But alas I didn't know what it was at the time.

The pattern is from an old Ottobre I have, published in Finnish: Ottobre 2-2002-32. I had to downsize the pattern this year, but I know it'll be one I use for years to come. The pattern also gives a bermuda length and has a three length women's version which I've made several times.


  1. While it was sort of painful at the time, it was very satisfying at the end to do the production-line bike shorts sewing. Mostly because this morning when I opened TLo's dresser drawer, there sat 8 pairs of bike shorts all just waiting to be worn. Awesome.

    I LOVE those ripstop shorts, those are adorable. As for the drafting, I think those are good too, but I know what you mean about expectations. I have trouble choosing the appropriate block as well. I think it just takes practice.

  2. Wow, that's a lot of shorts. Double points for getting your daughter to model all of them.

  3. All cute, I can just imagine little girls picking out fabric not having a clue what can be used for what LOL. Your DD is so tiny it must not take much fabric to make her shorts.

    New serger arrived via FedEx this morning. I have used it already, making more baby gifts for our niece. Thus far I like it!

  4. They all look great! Assembly line shorts for kids are a summer necessity, aren't they?

  5. That is a gorgeous selection of shorts! I agree heartily about the wonderfulness of rip-stop cotton... I have found it to be so versatile and tough.

  6. not as concerned about lycra content? time for some weekly fabric lessons. got to get 'em trained :)

    great shorts all around!

  7. Cute shorts! I just got my girls some gymnastics leotards so Im gonna have to save up some money.


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