Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Velma Vintage Skirt

After sewing jeans and leotards for the last few weeks, I'm ready for something easy and colorful. Now, this certainly qualifies as colorful.

I cut this skirt out for oldest sister last summer, but fall and winter came, as they do, and big sister has sprouted up to the next size. It's plenty big for middle sister here, but that means it should fit her two summers and the super bright green is more suited to her personal clothing tastes.

I love rick rack but rarely use it. Maybe I don't sew enough 70's inspired items.

The skirt was very easy to make: a large rectangle gathered to the waistband. I used a nylon zip I had on hand instead of an invisible. In hindsight, I should have lapped the zipper.

The verdict? I like the skirt. Rick rack, polka dots and green and yellow holler "spring" to me. Does Grace like it? Despite her habit of flamboyant dressing, she's a true stoic and won't give me any indication of her opinion on the matter. The proof will be in the wearing.


Pinwale corduroy: Chez Ami

Pattern: Velma Vintage Skirt: Ottobre 3-2009-30 (size 104 width/116 height)


  1. What a happy little skirt. Love it!

  2. It's absolutely cute as a button! Love the bright colors!

  3. That is an insanely cute skirt ! I really like the half-hidden ric-rac. Is it considered ric or rac when you only see half of it?

  4. Cute!! I love that it's cord; I couldn't tell from the pictures. And I hardly ever use ric rac either... Why? It's great. I hope the stoic wears it a lot.

  5. Darling skirt. I love it tucked in, so the wide waistband and gorgeous pockets show. I hope your stoic loves it to death.


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