Monday, June 27, 2011

Apple Green Cargo Skirt and Swimming Deer

I haven't made myself many skirts. In fact this is number 4. When I went to hang it up in my closet, I realized the other 3 skirts are also green. Maybe I should branch out a bit?!

But I do love this color and this is certainly my favorite of the skirts I've made. The asymmetric pleats are very nice and I like the casual cargo pocket at the side. I dug an antique looking metal button out of my stash.

The magazine describes this as "tulip-shaped", but it's straighter than that, and easier to walk in.

I used apple green linen (probably a blend) from Mill End Textiles. It's the same fabric I used for this kimono sleeve top from a year ago. I could hardly wear them together, I suppose!

I did a lapped zipper instead of an invisible, since I had a lime green skirt zipper in stock. I skipped the side pockets since I always have bad luck with those things sticking out, particularly in Burda patterns.

Pattern: Burda 6-2010-112.

And in other news: we spotted this little guy in our backyard a couple of times today. It was really interested in some of the leaves in the brush pile. I was surprised to see him/her out in the middle of the day.

Speaking of deer (here's the exciting part of this post!)... We took the canoes out on the lake last night with all the kids. Mostly we skirted the shoreline and tried to paddle straight through the water skiing course. Suddenly we heard a giant splash and turned to see a buck galloping into the water (do they gallop?)

It started swimming across the lake and we followed it (imagine me in the back, with 10 year old paddling in front and two small girls on the middle seat and hubby and two kids in the other canoe). It kept swimming and we kept paddling for about half an hour. We could hear people shouting with amazement from docks and boats and one pontoon started following, too. Finally, it reached the other side and jumped out near a public beach, to the excitement of all the swimmers.

Then we realized we had to paddle all the way back across the lake. We declined the pontoon driver's offer to tow us, haha. I'm sore today, but glad we learned two new things:
1. Deer can swim really far.
2. We can paddle across the lake and back in an hour.


  1. How exciting to chase a deer through water! My kids are jealous:)

    I love the skirt. And of course all your skirts are green. Green is the best color. No branching out required.

  2. Great details. I really like the placement of the pleats. Isn't funny how we're always subconsciously drawn or attracted to the same things or colours over and over again.

  3. Great job on this skirt. The color is wonderful for summer. This is such a neat pattern. What an unforgetable adventure you and the family had following the elk across the lake. Very cool!

  4. What an adventure for you all, not to mention all the exercise!

    Love your skirt, both the colour and the style which is quite unusual and very flattering on you. A perfect fit actually.

    Have you seriously had a bald eagle in your back yard?

  5. Lovely skirt Joy, the green is so pretty! I'm sure all your green skirts are different shades of green though!

  6. I love all the details on your skirt! (And what's wrong with green, anyway?!) Your deer story is wonderful; I wish I lived that close to wildlife.

  7. wow! that's pretty cool.

    (Also, although this is a fab.u.lous. skirt - really FABulous- I have to say I laughout OUT LOUD when I read that you seem to be able to only make green skirts. Still... FABulous. So obviously that green thing is working for you!)

  8. How fun to canoe! Sounds like you guys got quite the work out!

    The skirt is cuteness! The pleats being different make it really cute.

    Funny you discovered all your skirts were green :O). Green is a good color and so many great shades of green to pick from :O)

  9. That is an amazing story about the deer! There is a small island in the Potomac, Teddy Roosevelt Island, that is full of deer but we think they occasionally swim over the mainland because they are *not* properly afraid of humans. I guess it would be easy for them as it is a very short distance!

    Cute skirt! Those asymmetric pleats are fun.

  10. It's a cute skirt with some neat details! The canoe excursion sounds like a lot of fun.:)

  11. You're my fashion icon. Love the green skirt!

    I had no idea deer could even swim. Wow.

  12. This skirt is wonderful, and I like the asymmetrical pleats and the pocket too! Just gorgeous.
    What an amazing story about the deer. Wow. Sounds like a once-in-a-lifetime encounter... and the picture of the littlie is adorable...

  13. What an interesting style! I really like that skirt! And green is a very good thing, always. Except in cheese.

  14. Such a distinctively stylish skirt! Cool color!


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