Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Sailor Wear

The story I heard was that five years after having twins and then selling all their baby stuff (phew! done with that stage of our life!), guess what, our neighbors are having a boy. I made this little outfit for the shower. Last year, I made the same outfit in the same fabrics for my cousin's baby. Those little shorts take less than half a yard.

I'm glad I'd made it before since I started stitching the outfit the night before the party: put the kids in bed and started interfacing. 4 frenetic hours later I had an outfit, minus the shirt buttons. I've never timed a project before. If I paid myself $10 an hour, that'd be more than $40 for the outfit. Plus the 2 bibs I dug out of my bib stash. Do you ever do a labor calculation on the things you make? [Truly, I do it only because I enjoy it. In this case, the project was a known entity within my skill set, so in my mind it still qualified as "hobbying", not a stressful item to cross off my to-do list.]

It was funny. As the mom-to-be opened the gift, everyone exclaimed about the bibs. "Did you make those?!? Wow!?!" Nobody said anything about the outfit, hehe.

Fabrics from
Trim from JoAnn.
Skipper Sailor Shirt (Ottobre 3-2009-13)
Ahoy Baby Shorts (Ottobre 3-2009-14)


  1. Very cute outfit! I make bibs with sleeves and a collar etc. for baby gifts and they always seem to be a big hit as well. I guess people like bibs?

  2. Yeah, that's like the "great buttons!" response. I didn't make the buttons. (But I am guilty of that comment too, as well as having received it.)

  3. They always say if you get rid of all your baby stuff don't be surprised if you end up pregnant! That's why it's taken me almost 4 years to get rid of all of ours even though we've know we were done since BK was born.:)

    It's a sweet outfit...maybe they didn't realize you made it?

  4. Raving about the bibs is surely because non sewing skilled people can imagine making a bib - it is still flat. ;). They can't imagine making a whole outfit. Due to the excellence of your sewing,they are probably imagining some frantic 4 hour shopping trip with tired and not necessarily co-operative children, instead of 4 hours of slightly pressured sewing. (Just let me tell you what your neighbours are thinking, because naturally I would know!)
    The outfit is very cute, I hope you see it out and about a lot.

  5. Good for you to not say anything about the outfit. I probably would have ran my mouth--knowing me:) The outfit is darling.

  6. I think kbenco is right :)

    Now, if you would sew that outfit in an adult size, I would totally wear it. It's so cute!

  7. The outfit is so cute! I think Karen (kbenco) is right. I seldom calculate the hours sewn, because I only sew if I enjoy it.

  8. That's going to be one huggable baby in that outfit.

  9. I think the outfit is way cuter than any bib will ever be. It is a great outfit for a picture. The shorts would show off chubby little legs. Gosh, can you tell it has been a while since I have had little boy babies to cuddle and sew for.

  10. Very cute outfit. That little sailor will look adorable :)

  11. That's a beautiful outfit, even without the bibs;-) I made the dress version of this before, so 4 frenetic hours is good going.

  12. That's a darling outfit, and I agree with the others who are guessing the non-sewing types didn't even imagine you had made it. I guess next time you will just make a couple bibs huh?


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