Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Wide-Leg Capris, Japanese Style

I've been dreaming of tiny pinstriped capris. The "tiny" here refers to the pinstripes and not to the pants legs! My bell-bottoms craze is not over, apparently.

I made this pattern last year, but just when they got to the finishing stage, my serger devoured them.

The pockets stick out a little. There are front darts right next to the pockets - I wonder if that's affecting how they sit?

The fabric is quite lightweight, even though I found it in the bottomweight section at my local mill end store. I think that's causing the bit of wrinkling on the fly. Ah, well. They are VERY comfortable.
I almost didn't show the above photo, but for the sake of truthfulness in pattern analysis. I think it's clear this one is drafted for those with very flat back views. I'll always wear my shirt untucked anyway.

I like the cuffs and even the wide legs, however unusual.

The pattern is from the Japanese magazine Mrs. Stylebook #151 (Summer 2008). There are pull-out traceable sheets that include these pants with variations. But directions are also given for drafting them from your measurements (waist, hip, etc.), so I tried my hand at that and compared my draft with my size on the tracing sheet.


  1. Love the pants. They look great on you. The cuffs and the width really work.

  2. wow, I think they look great... I think the fitting problems are pretty minimal (like, I think most people would be THRILLED to find a pair of pants that fit them that well). Nice!

    PS thanks for the vote of confidence on my abilities to, you know, steal Daniel Craig's affections. I'm glad to know others feel as confident about this as I do!


  3. I actually like the way the pockets stick out. I have been looking at 1950's jeans and they purposefully do that. These really are cool: I love the wider leg, the cuffs. . . everything.

  4. Great pants! And how tiny is your waist? It looks smaller than my eldest daughter's! Yes, the green eyed monster is alive and well here. But seriously, the pants look really nice on you.

  5. It looks like they fit well to me! The wide legs are really fun, too. I'm quite impressed that you were able to draft those yourself!

  6. They look comfy and stylish for summer, and I agree, the fit is fine. Tyo (of all people) went through a wide-legged capri thing which was really interesting, especially as it coincided with the rest of her class falling in love with skinnies. Of course she kept trying to wear them in the winter...

  7. Super cute! The nice thing about wide cropped legs is they let the breeze blow around your legs. Love your choice of tiny pinstripes.

  8. I like the wide leg capris. They look cute on you.
    I would like to learn more about drafting my own patterns. Its on the "the list" of things to learn :O).


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