Friday, July 15, 2011

Nose Smudge Reduction Campaign

We've lived here over a year now, but this week a "last straw" incident finally induced me to sew up this rectangular piece of home decor.

On walking past the front door my husband felt it should be the last time he had the unsettling experience of suddenly noticing a neighborhood kid's face pressed up against the window, eyes following him. They're friendly kids, just coming to play... But why not make a curtain?

Funny enough, I have noticed one kid cupping his hands around his eyes trying to get a better view through the curtain.

Isn't this amazing fabric? Sometime down the road you will see it in a garment.

In other news...this cute scene is the view outside my kitchen sink window right now. Ironically, I'm guilty of peering into the private life of a family who doesn't have a curtain.


  1. I've had a similar experience and can tell you it's unnerving. I have 3 small windown in the door. One particular kid would stand there staring through the window; never knocked or rung the door bell. Just staring like we were his personal reality TV. I too made curtains, but mine were just big enough to cover the 3 small windows

  2. What a cute hungry bird photo! I hope you scored brownie points for the curtain. The fabric is lovely.

  3. Only there a year? In my book you are right on schedule for curtains. It took me two years to make curtains for the living room- our neighbours always knew what television shows we were watching! Only the bedroom curtains were foo finished in a timely fashion! Your blind looks lovely.

  4. awesome! (And I agree with Karin, wholeheartedly)

  5. Pretty curtain! It's nice that it's semi-sheer so it will let in some light too :)

    Cute bird! I have to admit to spying on a bird family nearby too!

  6. Nice curtain, very pretty!

    And the birds are so cute.

  7. That is beautiful fabric. Looks like a hungry bird!

  8. I assumed you'd be talking about a would be unnerving to have a kid stare into your house!

  9. That fabric is lovely for sure! I would think that would help with ummm children looking in your window LOL...Cant say we have that problem but then we live off the beaten path :O).

    Can't wait to see what else you make from that fabric.

    I am working on drapes too right now! LOL and I was just sure you were going to be talking about a dog too lol when I saw the title of your post LOL :O)

  10. I love your blinds and how you place them on the window.


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