Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Plaid and Khaki

We had a wonderful and busy 4th of July. Today we're recuperating from the sun and late nights. The boys didn't come into the kitchen for breakfast until about 10:30 this morning!

I've been sewing things for myself lately and neglecting my poor children. So Peter got a few essentials this past week: shirt, shorts, pants, and pajamas.
He was super excited when I showed him this plaid fabric for his shirt-to-be. It is nice, isn't it? The shirt is a classic collared button-up, but it's not supposed to be. I forgot to cut the front on the fold so I couldn't do the polo placket opening it was supposed to have. I did consider just sewing a seam down the front and doing the polo placket anyway. Good thing I got rid of that bad idea right away and cut out some full-length plackets.

It's a nice classic shirt with two pleats in the back sides below the yoke. There's no collar stand, but the neck is finished with a bias tape. Actually, I think it's easier to just do a collar stand ?!?! They're less picky than bias bindings, although I do like how a neatly done binding looks. Anyway, since the collar does not extend beyond center front, the bit of placket that does go beyond center front is not covered by the collar. I was confused by the instructions...was I supposed to the finish the top of the placket with the bias binding? Or should I have treated the placket as if it were part of a convertible collar, and fold it back on itself, enclosing the top seam allowance? I did something like the first option.

Verdict? I'd finish the collar differently next time (and actually do the polo placket), but Peter is pleased. I finished the shirt after bedtime, so I set it on his dresser. We had to get up early next morning; when I went to wake him up, I discovered him asleep in bed wearing his new shirt! And, yes, he likes to wear it buttoned all the way up.

To match the spiffy new top, we have a pair of shorts made from leftover trench coat twill.
They're supposed to be bermudas but somebody did NOT appreciate the ankle-bone-length! So now they're genuine shorts.

The patch pockets are double layered. The stitching you see near the top of the pockets is decorative. I apparently misunderstood the pattern markings for where to put the stitching because the placement of the pockets looks really off. They should straddle the side seams more evenly. I didn't remove any of the stitches to reposition the pockets, since seam ripping was causing fraying in this fabric already.

Next time I'll skip that decorative stitching part and place the pockets with more of an eye to aesthetics.

Art Camp Plaid Shirts (Ottobre 3-2011-21)
Painter Bermuda Shorts (Ottobre 3-2011-22)
Plaid shirting (Mill End Textiles)
Khaki Twill (
Buttons (cleaner's supply)


  1. Very cute outfit for your son. That had to be a awwww moment when you found him sleeping in his new shirt... thats just so darn sweet. :O)

  2. That had to make you smile when you saw him wearing the shirt! So cute. The outfit looks great.

  3. Does that mean you got to sleep in too or did your girls get you up early?:)

    It's a nice outfit and you can tell that he's pleased with it!

  4. I slept in a little, until I heard the girls sitting "quietly" outside my door. But, really, sleeping till 10:30 does not sound fun!

  5. That's a boy who knows how to show his appreciation of your sewing! Both top and shorts look great!

  6. Lovely! The bias-configuration of the checks on the pocket flap is my favorite bit, I think! And that bit about Peter sleeping in his new clothes - made me smile ever so widely.

  7. Fantastic new outfit! The fact that he slept in it is testament to its success!

  8. Great outfit! DS wears his shirts the same way, and I think it's adorable!

  9. I like those shorts! Very fancy. And how funny that I just finished a shirt that sounds an awful lot like the one you were supposed to make, from a 70s Vogue men's pattern. Plackets are evil!

  10. A great summer outfit for an appreciative boy. I really should be making shorts for my son, he's growing with the weeds.

  11. Peter looks so pleased with his new outfit. I really like how unique the shorts are. Ottobre sure has some cute kids patterns.


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