Monday, July 25, 2011

Some Fall Stitching in July

Swimming lessons, gymnastics, holding down the fort while hubby is away for a week, canoeing, cleaning...sewing time has been scarce around here.

But I've turned out a couple of things in the scraps of time I've found. I really like how these pants turned out. Alex needed some dressier pants, but (unlike his brother) is diametrically opposed to khaki. I think he's scarred by the pleated khaki dress pants I made him wear once. So brown it was, and with plenty of details and topstitching.

I like the shirt, except I think the choice of red for the shoulder pieces makes the shoulders appear larger than usual.
Alex has sprouted up to the next size in Ottobre (140) and, while I'm still slimming the pants two sizes as usual, I think the bigger sizes are cut a little slimmer than in the younger age range.

I added elastic at the back waist. You can just barely see the curved seams on the back legs.

The outside edge of the pocket is flat, but the inside edge is cargoed.

Brown twill: Mill End Textiles
Striped jersey: Chez Ami
Little Buddies T-shirt (Ottobre 1-2010-24 b)
Finn Pants (Ottobre 4-2010-39)

Next up: zippered welt pockets in fleece - something I never thought I'd attempt. I'll tell you how it goes.


  1. Great looking outfit! I actually love the red shoulders and neck band. And Ottobre pants are the best, right?

  2. I love the red shoulders...actually am thinking about recreating it for my almost 7yo as I have the CA fabric in the stash as well.

  3. looking good! I'm also working on fall sewing - with a bunch of kids you have to start now!

  4. These look great! I really like the colored topstitching on the pants.

  5. Smart duds! I really like the pants. I am laughing about the khaki, though. My husband's mother once forced him to wear (in the early eighties) green bell-bottom pants. He has never forgiven his mother, bell-bottoms, or the colour green, sigh.

  6. Very smart trousers. I think the slimmer fit looks good. The knit top looks great too. Your fabric finds are awesome, and the combination of fabrics looks very sharp. I have fabric envy.

  7. Both these look so pro. I love the colors of the knit top, they are unexpected and bright but don't scream "scraps." And the pants. I used to joke that I needed to find a store called "Skinny Boy," because my eldest son was so thin but extremely picky about his pants. I think he might have worn those. How do you get three lines of topstitching so even?

  8. Excellent all around! He looks great in his new outfit.

  9. They are awesome - I love your sewing. The pants are a nice fit - did you do the three stitching on a coverlock machine?

    The tshirt is very nice - I think the red is fine and gives him a nice shoulder outline. I would never thought to put the green and red together but yours work so well - it looks great. I should stop being so scared of colour matching!

  10. Sigrid and Cherri - I did the triple topstitching using, well, my regular foot - using one edge as a guide. After 100,000 miles of topstitching, it starts getting a little straighter than in the beginning...

  11. You make the coolest kids clothes! I love the color combination in the t-shirt and the details in the pants are superb.

  12. I REALLY like the top you made for your son. It is eye-catching and says "happy boy" to me. I especially like the first photo...and his casual stance. Looks confident and happy!

    thanks for sharing and good job!

  13. Nice outfit! I like the multi use of fabrics in the shirt. Very glad to see this actually. I have a pattern for a polar fleece top, several pieces of polar but not quite enough of anyone of them. So decided why can't I mix? Seeing this and how cute it is I totally thinking mixing is a great idea! The pants are so perfect for picking up all those neat things little people find and need to put in their pockets :O)


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