Thursday, July 7, 2011

Supplex: waterproof, cooler than twill, and naturally mosquito repellant

We love to be out in the great outdoors and the best time to do that in Minnesota without freezing to death is during the three months we call summer. One thing we like to do is hike on trails through the woods which, unfortunately, are the territory of the Minnesota state bird: the mosquito.

And so these pants were born. These were so detailed with all the piecing, pleats, and topstitching that, if the rest of the family manage to get pairs, they will be boring in comparison.

I used supplex (windbreaker fabric) which doesn't take to topstitching (or pins, or cutting, or marking, or pressing) as well as twill does. Although the fabric won't breathe, I suppose, I think it will be comfortable on warm days and still protect the legs from mosquito bites. And no need to worry about mud puddles.

The waist is elastic and the pockets close with velcro.

When out hiking, we usually take our binoculars along to look for birds. I got a binocular harness for Mother's Day (best gift ever, huh!?). Here you can see our young birder-in-training, spotting birds from her stroller.

Supplex: Mill End Textiles
Gutermann topstitching thread: cleaner's supply
Pluto Outdoor Pants (Ottobre 6-2008-27)


  1. I was laughing at the Minnesota state bird comment - really tickled my funny bone.

    Pants look great, perfect for the conditions.

  2. These are awesome! I bet he wears the heck out of them. And I think I need some Supplex. And that issue of Otto.

  3. I have met your state bird ;) - ferocious.
    The pants look great. You have chosen the perfect loose style for that fabric, but I am in awe of your pockets, such excellent work with such uncooperative fabric. I hope the trousers get lots of wear.

  4. I lived in Minnesota once, for three months ... there was a white out while I was living there. LOL ... it was all new to me :o), amazing really!

    Cute little pants and I see someone is wearing his shirt he liked well enough to sleep in it :O)... that still just makes me smile!

    I cut out drapes for two rooms today! Woowhoo.. now focus, focus and get them sewn up!

  5. Cute! There is no way I would be able to repeat all that detail five times, that's for sure ;).

    I have been trying to convince Syo that she should try wearing lightweight but full-length garments to keep of the mosqutoes, as her bits swell up like golf-balls, but not much luck so far...

    happy bird (and bug!) spotting! :)

  6. Another nice looking pair of pants! Way to follow through with all the little details, especially when the fabric was so hard to work with!

  7. I'm forever sewing 'mozzie' pants. They're a must where I live. My kids aren't lucky enough to get so many clever details though. Happy hiking.

  8. Mosquitos are awful! I hear they don't have them in Europe, though, which perplexed me. Those are really some spiffy pants. Lucky kid.

  9. Cool pants! And mosquitos are loathsome. Good that he will be protected!


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