Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Tom Sweat Jacket

Another bit of fallish sewing before I get back to some summer things. Alex pored over patterns and fabric with me to finalize this sweat jacket. Are 9 year old boys normally so interested in fabric and patterns? Maybe he'll be a designer some day.
I really like the contrast between grey and navy here. The two piece shoulders are nice, too. They're only a bit of extra work to stitch, but they definitely add shoulder shaping.

I'm certainly not impressed with the zippered welt pockets, but they're not the most wretched things I've done. Happily, the dark color camouflages them a bit. The welt lips are made out of a matching cotton, instead of fleece. The problem is that the lips are not supposed to overlap here. I would have been better off skipping the welt pieces and having an exposed zipper. In a garment for myself, I'd do some seam ripping, but for speedily growing 9 year old, not so much.

All in all, I really like the jacket. The pockets were good practice and I'm sure it will get worn a lot.

Fleece: Mill End Textiles and Fashion Fabrics Club
Zips: Cleaner's Supply
Pattern: Ottobre 4-2010-38 (Tom Sweat Jacket)


  1. That's awesome - the welts look fine - they are very tricky though. Exposed zips would like great as well.

    Lovely son you have there!

  2. My boys would like that! The pockets look a bit scary for me though ;)

  3. Nice two-piece raglan sleeves! I was suddenly reminded that I should sew up that raglan muslin and see how it fits. And bah, two-lip WPs are not as friendly as one-lip WPs, are they? I'm impressed that you did the tw-lip WP AND a zipper. Whoo!

  4. Looks good! Don't tell anybody about those poscket and they won't notice.

    My experience with 9 yo boys is that they can only tell you all the features that they don't want.

  5. Well I am impressed with your woven cotton welts in knit fabric. I did not show you mine for a good reason ;).
    The almost 9 year old boy at my house has definite ideas about his clothes, and fabric, - mostly what he doesn't like, but no interest in patterns.

  6. I'd go out of my way to avoid making zippered welts. Well done!

  7. I love that he was involved in the fabric selection and design choices! The navy cuffs look sharp on the gray sleeves.

  8. I like it! My brother who is 7 yrs younger than myself, has always has a strong opinion about his clothes even at a young age and about his decor in his home as an adult. He isn't a designer, he works in construction. But he has a very good eye for putting things together.


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