Wednesday, August 10, 2011

I Present to You... the Kindleope

Kindleope: An envelope for my Kindle. I coined a new word and got kindle case in the bargain.

There's not much to say about this. It was one of those things I made up as I went along, basing the size and shape of the case on the scrap of car fabric I had. For the inside, I used two layers of white flannel.

I love having a kindle more than I thought I would. It's very portable (with the protective case), easy to hold, and I don't have to decide on just one book to carry along. When I'm not chatting with another mom at gymnastics, for instance, I can whip it out.

Speaking of gymnastics...

This is 5 year old Grace demonstrating a few moves. It's not as easy as it looks (I tried).


  1. ah my yes to be that young and that limber :O)

    I thought about getting a kindle, I love to read. so far I am still doing the paper thing :O)

  2. You can be sure that 80 isn't going to try! The gymnastics, that is. MAYBE the Kindle, but since I'm in love with paper and ink it would be almost as hard to do as the gymnastics.

  3. perfect timing! i have been stealing my hubbies kindle and thot "i should make a envelope-thingy for it. i have only gotton to the thinking part and here you are! laying it all out for me. i was wondering what to line it with and i think flannel is a great choice. thanks for sharing this.

  4. Going into yoga made me realize--wow, I am not a little kid anymore. I can finally do her second pose (one legged wheel in yoga speak), but it took months of shoulder strengthening! Forget ever doing the first pose!!!

    Love the Kindleope.


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