Monday, August 1, 2011

Out with the Grey; In with the Aqua

My old gray sweatshirt has been begging to be replaced for years. I think it must be a decade old. The zipper likes to come apart at the bottom and holes are appearing. I'm glad this ultra soft aqua fleece shouted to me at the fabric store because I know I'll feel much cheerier wearing this one. I might even wear it out of the house.

From my stash, I unearthed this jersey with the perfectly matching stripe for the hood lining.

The lingering question is ... is it VERY noticeable the zipper is too short? Should I break down and actually buy a zipper for a specific project (instead of using the "good enough" one from my zipper box)?

Besides the zip, I love the sweatshirt. It's slimmer fitting than I thought it'd be - something worth noting if you're between sizes or tend toward an FBA, which I obviously don't.

Fleece: Mill End Textiles
Striped jersey: Chez Ami
Hooded Sweat Jacket: Ottobre 5-2007-19

Here is a view from my non-sewing life (except that IS the washer which so kindly prewashes all my fabric).

It became necessary that I wash Molly's beloved pillow case. It was most traumatic.


  1. Luckily, your washer has a window. The sweatshirt looks great and No I didn't notice the shortness of the zipper. Keep on using what you have on hand, it's probably better than what you would find in the local store anyway.

  2. This is a lovely colour on you. I noticed the short zipper but it didn't occur to me that it wasn't intentional. Looks fine - I wouldn't give it another second thought.

  3. She's so cute watching her pillow case in the washer!

  4. Really tough. Especially since there isn't a detergent that smells like months-old spit-up ;) I like your sweatshirt, and yes I noticed the zipper, and I totally thought it was a cute design feature until told otherwise.

  5. It's not a too short's a design detail! Looks great, love the color. Did Molly watch the washer the whole time her pillowcase was washing?

  6. Oh that is so cute she is waiting on her pillowcase, guess she was making sure it would be okay while in the washer :O)...

    I didn't notice the zipper and think oh look its to short. It looks like its suppose to be that way to me. :O)

  7. I'm fine with the zipper length; love the color and slim fit. Hope your darling daughter has recovered from her trauma. She's so cute.

  8. At first I didn't notice. Then when I read your text I looked closely and to me it seems you did it on purpose. Your daughter is so sweet.

  9. That sweatshirt is a flattering shape. You will be so pleased that you finally got around to replacing your old one. Sometimes we need to sew more comfort garments and less dressy ones!

    PS I think the zipper length is fine. My guide to whether or not something is worth I self conscious of it when I run into somebody I know when I am out and about. If not, leave it. If so, get on and fix it.

  10. I noticed the zipper length, but it doesn't look bad. If you're not happy with it, maybe you could just move it down so it lines up at the bottom and is more open at the top? Though if you're going to do all the work of ripping it out, I guess you might as well get a whole new zipper!

    Love the color. It's really cute.

  11. I assumed the short zip was a design detail. Maybe you'll start a trend! Love this aqua color, much more fun than gray (especially with the coordinating hood).

  12. Oooh, your daughter is so cute!!
    I didn't even notice the short zip until you pointed out, so I think it looks absolutely fine... I often use zips that I just have lying around too. your new little jacket is gorgeous, cute and cosy warm too! The matching fabric for the hoodie lining is perfect.

  13. I never noticed it was "too short" until you mentioned it. I feel like it adds to the design of the hoddie.

    My daughter, Ryan, turned 25 yesterday. She toted around a crib sized comforter until she was 6! When I washed it, she literally camped out in front of the washer & dryer. Her son is 20 months old. does HE carry around a blanket??? YEP! Ha, ha, pay-back. I'm loving it.



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