Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Strawberry Fields

I'm finishing up a few summer things I cut out for Sara, but fall is definitely in the air. Some leaves are on the ground and cooler weather is in the forecast. But wait! Our tomatoes haven't even turned red yet... Basil's ready for picking, though.

Hopefully Sara will get some good wear out of this, even into next year. The pattern is a tunic and I lengthened it quite a bit. The front and back bodices are gathered to yokes. The front placket seems really long to me, but I'm happy that it's the best one I've done. I think Ottobre's extra pictorial instructions are really good for this one. The self-fabric neck binding cut per the pattern was way too short, so I added a bias tape binding instead. I left off the arm hem elastic since Sara finds it uncomfortable (so do I).

And there's a tie in back. Even with the tie it's a little nightgownesque.

Pattern: Kehra Tunic (Ottobre 1-2009-35)
Buttons: Chez Ami

Next up? Alter the skirt I just made Sara. Oops, I forgot to do a final waist fitting and there's no elastic in this one.

And then to get cracking on Ren Fest costumes for the kids, if costumes are really going to happen this year.


  1. Cute! I love the strawberry print.

  2. Fall here arrived on Tuesday, when we went from highs in the upper 80s F to highs in the 40s F. I'm now looking at the summery dress I'm working on wondering what I was thinking. Our crab-apples aren't even ripe yet, either.

    The dress is adorable, although I hate to admit that my first thought was nightgown. Can't wait to see the Ren Fest costumes :)

  3. Yes, you did a beautiful job on the placket! Cute dress too! I was pondering a Burda pattern, for a polo shirt, the other day and it has a placket. I haven't made one since my early 20's. I think I should challenge myself with one too.


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