Friday, August 12, 2011

Yoga Shorts for Up North

I've been cooking all day, with a few sewing breaks in between, preparing for vacation next week. We're going "Up North" which is what any True Minnesotan does for vacation. Whenever our neighbors disappear for a week, it turns out they were "up north". If someone you know isn't staying home for the holiday weekend, it's because they are "heading up north".

For these shorts, I modified an Ottobre sweatpants pattern which looks like yoga pants. I like the wide waistband. The Ottobre instructions have you attach a piece of clear elastic down the center of the knit waistband. I tried that technique once (in boys' sweatpants) and, let me tell you, it's wretched. Clear elastic is not strong enough, nor does all that waistband look nice gathered with such a narrow piece of elastic.

So I used 2" wide waistband elastic for a yoga waistband look. Sara didn't like how tight the waistband was in the first (light gray) pair. That wide elastic is so strong, you can't go with the same negative ease you would with 3/4" elastic.

So for the second pair, I cut the elastic to the same size her waist was (at the waistband location) AND altered both the waistband and the pants so they were both the same measurement as the elastic. That meant lengthening the waistband piece and reducing the width of the pants at the side seams. Now the top of the pants don't have to be gathered to the waistband and it's possible to get a smooth waistband. If you're interested, Ikat Bag did a tutorial for the Smooth Waistband.

I like these shorts and they're very simple to whip up. I'm sure I'll make a few more colors, but that may have to wait until after our trip.

Here's a photo of the wide elastic, available at Cleaner's Supply.

Pattern: Jump Sweatpants (Ottobre 1-2008-19).


  1. Have fun up north, hope the bugs aren't too bad. (See, I can speak Minnesotan !)

  2. They look comfy...perfect for an active girl! Have fun on vacation!

  3. I would like to go north about now. Its been such a scorcher this summer here.

    Those shorts will be great for moving and playing! Such a cute little model you have.

  4. Cute shorts! Have a great vacation.

  5. They look very comfy and practical, and as usual very cute too? Can I ask where "up north" actually is?
    Thank you for your kind comment, and I wish I could take you dog-walking with me! It would be fun to talk about sewing stuff, something I never get to talk about with my real life friends.


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