Sunday, September 25, 2011

Cats and Dogs

I made a quick bag for Grace to hold her dance shoes. She's taking a class for 5 years olds which combines tap dance and ballet, so she has two pairs of shoes. It's a rectangle with a drawstring + applique. Grace requested a "cat" bag, but I think she was envisioning something entirely different from what she got. I think it's kind of cute, but in her mind it should have had RIBBONS.

Someone did love the bag, though, which made for another unhappy person: 2 year old little sister who didn't get a bag. "Cat! Too? Too?"

Since Molly didn't require a bag in time for dance class, I could go about her bag at a more leisurely pace (always nice).

This one is reversible: it's a cat AND dog bag! I like that the dog is made from bone print.

I used some poly poplin which I never should have bought in the first place: it was cheap and I was in my early, uneducated days of fabric buying. But poly poplin is perfect for a kids' tote bag.

I remembered that my February 2009 issue of Lady Boutique magazine (Japanese) has a TON of bag patterns, I think about 50. There is every bag concept imaginable. Most of them give you pattern measurements and a cross section of the bag, but no instructions. The bag pattern I chose to try DID have some instructions, but they were useless to me anyway.

It took some mental gymnastics (and unpicking) to figure out how to make it reversible with entirely hidden seams, AND get the appliques in the right spots.

I like how it turned out and now that I've figured out the method, this little bag will go on my "options for homemade gifts" list.

I made pattern #260.


  1. These bags are a a super idea! We keep moving different shoes, snacks etc. from bag to bag as the week rolls on and the activities change. An assigned bag "charged up" and ready to go for each activity would be a real luxury.

  2. They look like great, cool bags to me. I know what you mean about your older daughter wanting some ribbons though - I have a 5 year old daughter and her idea of attractive is sparkly, ruffled, and as multi-coloured as possible.

  3. Oh very cute. I especially love the cat applique.

  4. What fun bags. The reversible one is particularly appealing, and how satisfying to use up that annoying fabric in a way that makes full use of its clothing -unsuitable properties.
    I am about to try a ruffly little girl top to see if it is quick enough for the home made gift idea. I miss having little girls (although big ones are very nice too)


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