Monday, September 26, 2011

Friar Tuck: Ren Costume, part 1

On seeing this first costume installment, you can probably guess the theme of my kids' costumes this year. I made one last trip to the fabric store today for green felt and told the cashier/cutter I was finishing my boys' Robin Hood costumes. She'd never heard of Robin Hood, and while I faltered to explain it, she helpfully said, "Don't worry about it." Being eastern European, she hasn't learned this particular cultural icon, but I do enjoy buying my fabric from another enthusiastic sewer - one who has made and filled one wall of the store with American Girl doll clothes.

Anyway, Molly has added 2 new words to her vocabulary: "Friar Tuck". All she knows is that she got a brown dress with a hood.

I thought about trying to draft this myself, but spotted a Burda mag. pattern for a "Djellabah", which is, essentially, a beach cover-up. I graded it down a couple of sizes and "djellabah" became "Friar Tuck".

In Minnesota, fabric used for clothing is not taxed (nor is RTW clothing). This brown homespun was taxed, however. Apparently nobody really uses this for clothes.

Brown homespun: Mill End Textiles
Beach cover-up/Djellabah: Burda 7-2009-137.


  1. Aren't you on the ball? I've only just started contemplating my kids' hallowe'en costumes (of course, I don't have so many to make, either). My mother-in-law managed to grow up in North America without being exposed to Winnie-the-Pooh (with later disastrous consequences in the naming of her offspring, but anyway). I'm not quite sure how she managed it.

    Djellabah also make great bellydance coverups for between sets. ;)

    And... I think you probably have the cutest Friar Tuck of all time.

  2. That second picture just makes me smile. So adorable. Good for you getting a head start on the costumes!

  3. And a most adorable Friar Tuck she makes!

  4. This costume is completely adorable, probably due to the model.... Nicely done!

  5. Adorable costume. I can't wait to see if there is going to be a theme at your house.

  6. I am very impressed with your organisation! I won't be thinking about Halloween until the kids panic and make me pay attention!

  7. Just too precious! After seeing Molly in her costume made me smile this morning!

  8. I agree, this is the cutest incarnation of Friar Tuck. My family loves the Errol Flynn version of that movie, are you going to make Robin Hood and the Merry men too? And how about Maid Marion? The bias cut lame gown that Olivia de Havilland wears in that movie has to be the sexiest version of a Medieval dress ever. I can just see you in it!

  9. I love how the vocabulary comes along with real life excitement! She's adorable in her Friar costume!


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