Saturday, September 3, 2011

Garden Flower Skirt

Is it possible to look more casual than this?

This is a fairly simple skirt to sew and makes a nice display of the fun fabric. Or it would have been very easy to sew if I had remembered I always need to adjust the waist before I finish the waistband. Usually I do this by adding elastic, but this waistband does not want to be crumpled up with elastic. So I had to unpick all the layers at the side seams, take in, and restitch - definitely worth doing, though.

I love the shape of this and think it could work well in a variety of winter fabrics.

I centered a skirt zipper from my zipper box, instead of using an invisible. I thought the zipper/waistband method was interesting. When I first read the instructions, I thought, "That's crazy and would never work." But it does work after all.

1. First, insert the zipper.
2. Before connecting the waistband and waistband facing at the top, stitch the facing's two center back seams to the back side of the zipper tape, which you have flipped out.

3. Now stitch the waistband and waistband facing together at the top.
4. Trim and flip right side out.

It's a neat trick, but the corners I got certainly aren't neat and square. I wonder if the distance from the stitching to the zipper tape would make a difference.

Skirt pattern: Garden Flower Skirt (Ottobre 1-2010-20)
Flowered twill: Chez Ami.


  1. I really like the design/shape of the waistband. looks like the kind of skirt you would want to wear everyday. I always use facings on skirts, and admit, never seen one constructed this way...but it works, i love how those ottobre minds work!

  2. Great skirt. I use that method with invisible zippers too, with slight differences. I love how it gives a nice clean finish without any handsewing.

  3. A lovely, casual skirt. The print is really pretty. I like the zipper finish too, I had not seen it made that way either, clever!

  4. Cute skirt the fabric is really pretty too. I also like the dress you made your DD in the previous post and just love that fabric as well! Your DD is such a cute little model :O).

  5. Cute skirt. I can already see it made up in winter cord with a pretty applique. Such a nice shape.

  6. Great idea and tip with the top facing to the inside zipper tape - I need to use this - I've been having issues with my skirt zippers and finishing the top.

  7. That is a neat zipper trick! I think it would definitely be worth playing around with some more.

  8. Cute! I'm far too chicken to make a fitted waistband on kid's clothes.

  9. Very cute! It definitely will be fun for winter skirts. Lots of room for warm tights underneath!


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